Meet Dr. Priyamvada Gopal

Priyamvada Gopal, a lady who teaches English at Cambridge, feels traumatized by a porter at King’s College who didn’t call her Dr. Gopal. She isn’t Priyamvada. She isn’t even Dr. Priyamvada Gopal. She’s Dr. Gopal. Ah, the constant racist profiling and aggression of privileged, white male porters. With deep regret, sadness and 17 years of hard thought, Dr. Gopal decided not to supervise any student at King’s College, on behalf of herself and other colored people. She says most professors feel traumatized by white, male porters and door keepers. Cutie.

There are way too many dim Indian women with humanities PhDs. They take to teaching, writing and activism because they can’t make it elsewhere. They don’t have any respect for themselves. So they want others to defer to them. They think that’ll give them the self-respect they never had.

It’s surprising that a 50 year old lady can’t see that it’s petty to expect others to be deferential. It seems 50 years isn’t enough. Many professors in the UK say on Twitter that isn’t the norm. I can’t tell for sure. But even if that’s the norm, that’s pathetic. She ought to hate that norm, and not the porter who defies the norm.

If the porter refuses to call her Dr. Gopal to make a “racist” point, then, of course, that’s wrong. It’s all about intentions. But it never seemed to me that social justice warrior target intentions.

This is common in India. In my first job, I heard many professors won’t read a book on climate change if the mail doesn’t address them as Dr. Commitment to climate science, it seems. An old gentleman once yelled at me when I called him by name. I didn’t even know who he was. But the old dog seemed appalled my parents didn’t teach me how to address seniors. This sort of people don’t even know that they want others to defer to them because they are insecure. Even if you point this out, they won’t get it.

Priyamvada Gopal says she’s against racial profiling and stereotyping. But if that’s what she really wants, she should stop behaving like a status conscious old Indian lady. And what about the poor porter who probably isn’t even on social media? He probably doesn’t know what this harridan is doing to put him out of his job for not knowing what an unhappy Diva she is.


The folks on Twitter are trying to ram some sense into her. But like everybody who thinks she’s wrong, she claims they’re trolls. And Dr. Gopal is a civil lady who doesn’t feed trolls. 

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