Man Smart? Woman Smarter!

Beer breakfast in the Free State

H L Mencken, who died on January 29, 1956, was the first celebrity intellectual and one of the greatest journalists of all time. He was a witty polymath, and knew more about the American language than almost anyone. Today, the “misogyny epidemic” is much debated in the Indian media and social networking websites, but very few Indians have even heard of Mencken’s scholarly work, “In Defense of Women,” written way back in 1918. Mencken knew that of all the delusions that are close to the heart of men, the most pathetic is their belief that they are intellectually superior to women. Rarely do we see a woman who can expatiate on inflation statistics or predict the size of our economy four decades from now with such great precision, with decimal points. Men are convinced that this makes them superior to women. Mencken held that this is a delusion.

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