You are so like Sheldon Cooper!

Sheldon Cooper

Fed up hearing again and again that I resemble Sheldon Cooper, I Googled him. Juicy bits from Wikipedia:

“Sheldon is characterized as having an overtly intellectual personality: he exhibits a strict adherence to routine, a tenuous understanding of irony, sarcasm and humor, a vocal admiration for his superior intellect, and a general lack of humility or empathy.

He was taunted and bullied by the neighborhood children and his classmates. He claims they were threatened by his intelligence.

Aside from his idiosyncrasies, Sheldon is logical. He possesses an eidetic memory and an IQ of 187, although he claims his IQ cannot be accurately measured by normal tests.

Despite his intelligence, Sheldon is usually inept in most social interactions. His eccentricities, direct remarks, and demanding nature put him at odds with his own friends and especially Penny. He has a distinct lack of emotional maturity and is often baffled by even the most common social interactions.

He not only fails to understand the simplest sarcastic jokes made by Leonard, but also regards Penny’s sadness over one of her breakups with blatant confusion. However, recently, he has begun to understand the concept of sarcasm, attempting unsuccessfully to employ it himself towards Penny in the second season,and successfully employing it towards his friends in the third season. Sheldon occasionally uses slang (in a very unnatural fashion), and follows jokes with his catchphrase “Bazinga!”. He is not entirely sure how to hug someone, and avoids human contact whenever possible.

Despite his egocentricism, Sheldon appears to be somewhat aware of his social ineptitude, particularly his lack of understanding of sarcasm. He mentioned that he keeps a record of his daily conversations after Penny snapped at him and Leonard asked him why, to which he suggested that Leonard check his conversation records “to see if I messed up anywhere.” Sheldon is also a difficult person to work with.

Sheldon also generally displays apathy to the world around him – in The Toast Derivation, Leonard notes that Sheldon criticized Bill Gates for focusing on his charity work rather than Windows Vista, a remark that earned him a punch in the face from Gates.

Sheldon also has childlike qualities.

Sheldon also does not have a driver’s license (although he does possess a learner’s permit), and needs his friends to drive him to work or other places. He attempts to learn to drive on a simulator, but fails miserably and attempts to obscure his failure by claiming he is “too evolved” to drive.

In contrast to his profoundly religious mother and devout Christian upbringing, Sheldon has no interest in religion – he tends to ignore or express dislike for religious celebrations such as Christmas, and wastes no time in bringing up the Pagan origins to each festival.

Sheldon also appears to have problems understanding societal laws at times. He is shown to drop objects out his window into traffic without regard, in addition to breaking into buildings.

Sheldon shows little interests in forming social relationships outside of his current circle of friends—an indifference that extends to romantic attachments. Despite such indifference, Sheldon somehow manages to attract the romantic interest of at least three women and one man (including Leonard’s mother)—although on three of those occasions, he is initially oblivious to their advances.”

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