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Why Do They See Candor As A Form Of Treason?

swetha basu prasad latest telugu movie hero actress latest new hImagine that you have a son and a daughter.  When they were walking the streets sucking on Popsicle sticks, the police arrested the girl. This is against the law of the land. How would you react? Even if you like the girl more than the boy, you won’t say, “Arrest the boy too. Name him and shame him.” Unless you hate the boy more than you love the girl, you won’t even think along these lines. You will probably want to get her out of the prison at any cost. I find this a good framework because this helps me see a lot of what happens in the world with ruthless clarity.

When the 23-year-old cutie, Sweta Basu Prasad was arrested for prostitution, this is what many people in the film industry asked: “Why is she held up for our titillation while her rich clients are still walking the streets?” If what people truly want is gender equality—if people love men and women equally—they would not have argued along these lines. Hell, they would not be thinking along these lines if they did not hate the rich men who slept with her more than they love her.

Is it even plausible that feminists are not motivated by hatred toward men?

Deepika Padukone Cute Dress Hot WallpaperHere is another mental experiment. You suspect that John sleeps with your wife. One day, you feel that something is awry, and knocks on his door. What if John comes out and says that he was indeed sleeping with her, and that he did not violate your rights? What if John claims that it was she who entered a marital contract with you long ago, and not John? I agree with him. I truly do.

You won’t pat him on his back for telling you the truth. But, this is still a lot better than him staying silent in his bed with your wife—and claiming that “Silence is golden”, or that the “paranoid” you does not even deserve a response. Now you know what John is up to. You also know what your wife is up to. You know what to do with her. You will probably tell her to shape up or ship out. If your wife is a great fan of polygamy and had not told you this, you can possibly talk her out of it. If this is not possible, you can tell her that this is not how you understand the contract. Honest discussions can do a great deal more good for coordination.

Now, The Times Of India journalists are defending themselves. They believe that they are within their rights to post a video of the boobs of Deepika Padukone. The critics of the Times Of India think that they should have been silent. But, why? If the TOI thinks that they have done something wrong, they should apologize. But, if they do not think so, what is wrong in explaining themselves? This is a great opportunity to tell people that morality—as they understand it—is nonsense.  Even if it is true that TOI did wrong, people now know that this is intentional. If they were silent, people wouldn’t even know what they are upto.

It is perhaps true that all this is wrong, as people say. But, if people care so much for morality, why do they see candor as a form of treason?

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