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What Do Our Journalists Say?

I have never read this before.

I have been hearing for long that reading the newspapers is the mark of a good boy. So, I have been reading the newspapers regularly to see what our salt-and-pepper-haired, intelligent people say. From what I hear, these are the people who know the ground reality. Their opinions do not come out of an ivory tower, like that of mine or that of academics.

But, when I read them, I feel that I have never read such highbrow English before. I have never read such lame theorizing before. But, it makes a lot of sense to read them because it is wrong to have such “prejudices”. It is wrong to dismiss people without giving their views a fair hearing. Let me read. I will begin with Mint-The WSJ, a newspaper of high editorial standards.

Framing Laws Outside Parliament is a Mint editorial on laws being made on the roadside.

What does the author say?

“The final form of the law is based on adjustments and compromises between different political parties and interests. To give life to the law, rules are made that allow civil servants to work the law.”

So, our laws are based on the adjustments and compromises between different political parties and interests. And that is good. Never mind. But, what is “work the law”? I have never seen that expression before.

And, what is “Right to homesteads”? I have never seen that expression either. Perhaps, this is an invention of Indian journalists. Or perhaps my reading on property theory is not wide enough? Or, perhaps what he meant was the “Right to Homesteading”? These people have never had the habit of reading the primary sources. 

Happy Trade Tidings For India? is a Mint op-ed of Biswajit Dhar.

I do not know who he is.

But, what is ‘Trade tidings”? This is also perhaps an Indian invention—-largely of Mint journalists. I see many such lame expressions in the op-ed of this intelligent fellow.

And, what does this mean?

“The advanced economies too saw a setback in the hesitant recovery that they had seen in 2011; witnessing an average growth of just 1%.”

What is “setback in the hesitant recovery”? I do not think that they even think before they write. Lol.

I will analyze the work of our intelligent people in more detail in the next few weeks.

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