Unpopular Non-Political Opinions I Hold

Everybody who reads my blog knows that I’m a libertarian. But what are some of the unpopular non-political opinions I hold? Here’s my list:

  • Most people can’t think clearly because their hearts aren’t pure.
  • It is much easier to read, research, bookmark, share and write on modern gadgets. The best books on the internet are incomparably better than almost anything you’d find at the local bookstore.
  • It is much easier to read on Kindle.
  • The best blog posts are better than anything you will ever read in The New Yorker.
  • The social media makes you smarter.
  • Millenials read more than youngsters who lived at any point in history. The human race has never consumed the written word so much.
  • Cynics are not pessimists. A true cynic can’t help being an optimist.
  • We’re born the way we are. Well, almost. Nature matters more than nurture. Genes trump parenting.
  • If you know how to go about it, Facebook can be a better news editor than any human editor.
  • No Indian writer is truly well-read or intellectually stimulating. I’d say this about all Indian academics and journalists too.
  • Many young women are so unhappy. They believed the feminists who told them that a childless woman can also be happy.
  • Much of the food people eat is really bland. But they need someone to point this out to them. Even then they don’t get it.
  • People are so unhappy because they are so passive aggressive.
  • Most people are bad. Really, really bad. If you don’t see how, that’s because you’re bad too.
  • The only inequality that really matters is the inequality between people who are political and the people who are not.
  • Men are more rational and principled.
  • Journalists are usually duds.
  • If you look down on popular culture, it is because you don’t care all that much for art and literature. Don’t whine.
  • Thinking deeply is hard. Writing beautifully is harder. Writing a beautiful rant is extremely hard.
  • You can’t get things done within any social group, and still keep personal standards. If you disagree, that’s because you don’t have personal standards.
  • News is not worth your time.

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