Unintended Consequences


I have wondered why I was always good at making enemies. Anyone who had studied with me would tell you that I am the epitome of interpersonal nicety. I would not hurt a fly.

Today, I decided to rely on introspection and analysis-by thinking hard about an incident that happened in my life.

I have stayed in many houses in my life and I do not want to tell you which landlord I am talking about.  There was some renovation to be done in my room, and this dude kept fooling me for fifteen days: “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow”. He is a clever cookie. I see such people everywhere, and they are not always landlords. The day of whipping will come. Just wait.

One day, early morning, I had to ring his doorbell, and tell his aging mother: “Tell him that there are better ways to keep me warm”. She smiled and said naively, “Samaj Nahin Aa Raha he”. Which means: “I did not understand!”The next day, I was trapped inside my flat because a flat-mate locked it from outside. I did not have the keys with me. Our “landlady” had to come down, and open the door. After she opened the door for me, I stared at her from head to toe, and shut the door contemptuously. A few minutes later, I would hear her father-in-law screaming in anger and humiliation. They did everything possible to calm him down. They needed my rent. The benevolent market disciplines everyone. But, I did not intend this at all.

In my life, I have been through a series of such incidents. How should this boy improve himself? Please do tell me what you think.

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