To The Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India-EU Free Trade Agreement1Globalisation has a bad press. Free trade was never popular. When the UPA government announced the decision to allow 51% foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand organised retail in 2011, the BJP and other opposition parties claimed that this would ruin the nation. A politician even said that she would set fire to the first Wal-Mart store when it opens. But, do you really believe that this would inspire faith and trust in industry?

I do not know about your followers, but it is no longer acceptable to claim that you will set fire to the store of a Muslim or a Christian. Why should different standards apply to foreigners? In a sane world, it would not matter whether a corporation that invests in India is native or not. The ideology of anti-globalisation is based on the belief that foreigners are not people—that they do not have equal rights. That is all there is to it. It is, of course, not true that foreign investment would ruin the ruin local retailers. But, even if it would, so what? I understand why the idea of nationalist appeals to you and the Hindu nationalists, but are local retailers the master race for whom everyone else should suffer privation?

Now, is there anything wrong with an American multinational retail corporation investing in India? You seem to be keen on empowering the poor people in India, by transforming them into skilled workers. But, Indian wages are shockingly low by global standards. This is not primarily because Indian laborers are unskilled, but because the technological means of production are primitive. An ordinary Indian laborer who moves to the developed west might see his wages instantly rising, even up to twenty times of that of the wage he could have earned in India. But, this cannot be because he became incomparably more skilled overnight. He has become far more productive overnight because western firms employ more sophisticated machinery.

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    Down with Dictator ? Congressmen ( - including ex-Congressmen like Sharad Pawar ) , do not tire of calling Narendra Modi , a DICTATOR And every other party , afraid of losing its Lok Sabha seats , echoes Congressmen are warning 814 million voters , “ Look , If NaMo comes to power , he will take decisions How dreadful ! Look at his audacity – taking decisions Doesn’t he know that “ Decisiveness “ is a , debilitating disease of decadent Crony Capitalists ? Have you ever seen us taking decisions ? Ask any farmer putting a rope around his neck ! We never do We believe in perpetual procrastination We believe in Democracy Occasionally , we even believe in Mobo-cracy ( eg : 1984 ) We leave it to the Dynasty to take decisions Can’t believe ? Read Sanjaya Baru’s book “ An Accidental Prime Minister “ ( Much as we would like to ban it , we will not decide on our own ) Or , look up P C Parakh’s book , “ Crusader or Conspirator ? “ It will dispel any lingering doubts that you may have , as to WHO in UPA – 2 , takes the decisions ! We abhor Dictatorship We strictly abide by the Dynasty – ship You cannot find us making any honest mistakes , because we never take any honest decisions ! Now don’t ask , What about 2G / 3G / CWG / CoalGate / Irrigation / Land-Grab etc ? Those were NOT honest decisions ! And believe us , Maya / Mamta / Jaya are no better than “ Daughters of Dictator “ ! They too , take decisions COUNTRYMEN , Beware of Decision – Takers Don’t vote for them Vote for us Vote for Status Quo Vote for “ More of the same “ Vote for Yesterday Vote for Dynasty Vote for Darkness “ * hemen Parekh ( 14 April 2014 / Mumbai )

    Hemen Parekh | 3 years ago

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