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Thoughts On Immigration

When I argue that immigration restrictions are a great threat to individual liberty, people often ask me: “But, you can move out if you want to, right?” I think they are conflating two different issues. 1) Are immigration restrictions a huge threat to individual liberty? 2) Is it possible for me to move out if I want to? I do not see this as an intellectual error. These are the kind of little people who cannot think straight about any social science issue.  When people deny that a genuine problem even exists, it is obvious to me that they are prejudiced against my cause.

I am curious about this abstract problem, and I am curious about it independent of the context of my personal life, and the personal lives of anyone. But, what they say is not entirely true. Anyone can think of many bright people who risked a fortune, and did not succeed in making USA their home. More importantly, it is almost impossible for a low skilled person to move to the developed west. If I say that they have low IQ’s, and that IQ cannot be changed, these people might call me prejudiced, and say that this is not very “relevant” information, even if it is true. But, again, this just proves that they are not interested in the truth. This is important information because if this is true, this is proof enough that a large majority of the people in the third world are permanently trapped there, for no fault of their own.

When I think about a social science issue, I want to understand it. I do not see it as a solution to “problems”, of that of mine or that of anyone else. To me, it is an intellectual parlor game. Of course, it is true that social scientists have long unearthed many facts that would instantly solve many problems, like world poverty: People just have to stop being so little. Open the borders for migration and trade, abolish welfare, public schooling and medical care. And so on.  It is not difficult. But, I do not think this proves anything. Social scientists have known this for at least a few hundred years. What prevents it from happening are the little people who ask such stupid questions.



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