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The Rape Culture: Living A Lie

There has never been a debate in which so many people were kidding each other.

If the enlightened liberals are right, India’s “rape problem” is the logical end result of a culture that teaches “bad attitude” towards women. They search for any deviation from the official feminist dogma, eager to root out such tendencies in supposedly enlightened men. Male intellectuals live in the fear of incurring the wrath of these harridans because a loosely constructed statement is enough to set off their radar. Intellectual discourse has become a tight-rope walk. But, at the root of all this lies the denial of the obvious: Sexual desire is a strong enough urge in men. There has never been a debate in which so many people were kidding each other.

People do not know that not long ago, there was another act that was considered an expression of aggression in the deep depths of one’s mind. It was the primary sexual activity of mankind. Karl Menninger, the most respected American psychiatrist in the mid-20th century said just that. It was also the most commonly diagnosed “mental illness”. When a mother once sent a young hooligan to him, Freud looked at the boy’s trousers and said that diagnosis was never so easy. Such psychiatrists were considered great benefactors of mankind. They were all living a lie.

The truth is that people can convince themselves that a boy guilty of an activity almost everyone engages in is mad. History teaches us as much. The reason, I suspect, is that they did not want others to know that it is universal. So, they denied it, ranted against it. They claimed that humanity will be better off if we get rid of such scoundrels. But, if they can convince themselves of this, it means that they can convince themselves of almost anything. They could not have done this without denial, denial of behavior that is universal. They could not have done this without blatant, widespread dishonesty.

If you want to believe that people do not lie on such a large scale, you are being dishonest too. If you think that “Rape Is Not Sex” argument is somehow different, that is wishful thinking.

Men often tell me that they were never tempted to rape a woman. I believe them. I was not either. But, then, I was never tempted to break into a bank either. It does not prove anything. What matters is that people are tempted by money. And there will always be men who find money all too tempting. Why is this hard to believe? It is my theory that all the nonsense that people believe in rests on the denial of such obvious truths. These are truths that people vehemently deny. Yet these are truths known to every single man.

I do not think that a feminist can read all this without losing the balance of her mind, without thinking that I am condoning rape. This is again, a result of their near-complete ignorance of elementary facts of many different social sciences. A moral judgment and a fact that can be verified by pure anthropological observation are not the same. You can’t conflate both. Rape is motivated by sexual desire. But, this does not prove that rape does not deserve condemnation. The conclusion simply does not follow from the premises. Is there anyone who thinks that rape is justified? It is a universal moral intuition that rape is wrong, just like it is a universal moral intuition that murder and theft are wrong. No one disagrees with that. Subtleties aside, much of this has to do with many different naïve notions of these half-literates who imagine that a debate exists where it doesn’t.

I am feeling a little nervous while spreading this “information”, but I think sexual assault is far more common than people believe. You have to see that this is a very strong urge in men. The society forbids relationships outside the confines of marriage. How many men do you think would accept their fate without even a protest?

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  1. George S.

    “It is a universal moral intuition that rape is wrong, just like it is a universal moral intuition that murder and theft are wrong.”

    You are being so … Kantian here, for someone who goes to great lengths to deny any appreciation of Kant.

  2. Anonymous

    Rape is not primarily mediated by sexual desire. If that were the case sex could be purchased cheaply, especially in India. It is mostly about domination, or to make oneself feel superior. Why else would gang rape and torture be so prominent in India? It is not for pleasure it is because the rapists feel that they are stronger and have a sense of self-importance. It is fueled by a patriarchal culture that most of the third world countries have left behind. Furthermore you’re discussing Freud who was perhaps one of the most controversial philosophers of all time (meaning that his views are not widely accepted). You contradict yourself by saying that rape is mediated by sexual desire but it isn’t sex. Also your remark about feminists may be viewed as narrow minded and offences (which is ironic as you attempt to label them as ignorant). If you aren’t a feminist than you condone that women should be treated as being inferior to men, and I know you’re not writing that. The feminist movement was about equality and it was turned ‘nasty’ by politics but most people, yes including men, in developed nations identify themselves as being feminists.

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