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The Politics Of Hatred

Rahul-ModiThe large majority of the people who are angry do not have self-knowledge. While seething with hatred, they sublimate their anger into a worldview, to sabotage their enemy groups. For long, Rahul Gandhi has been patronizingly chiding Narendra Modi for practicing the politics of anger. It might as well be true that the Hindu nationalists are practicing the politics of anger. But, the politicians who think that politics is about “love” are not being honest about themselves. The Hindu nationalists see people of a different religion or ethnicity as rivals. The left-wing politicians perhaps hate the rich far more. But, almost everyone hates foreigners, though they do not always go overboard in expressing their hostility. Democratic politics in India is a lot more complex than that, but this does not change the nature of the issue: Politics is about hatred. Politics is about envy and resentment. It is hard to think of a popular policy that is not intended at lowering the status of such enemy groups, and raising the status of the in-groups. If you think that the “well-intentioned” redistribution schemes are any different, you are fooling yourself. Hatred is hatred, and resentment is resentment, regardless of who the voters think to be the enemy group, regardless of how they justify their acts.

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