The Crush

The Crush
It is important to me.

When I joined college, I soon started having a crush on a teacher. One day, when I was in the computer lab chatting on the Yahoo Messenger, she came inside, and said, “I know that you are here.”. I thought, “Yes, I know that you know.” She said, “Please come with me”. She was very nice to me when we were walking to the staffroom. She asked, “Why did you not submit your assignment?” When I hemmed and hawed, she said, “I know that you are lazy.” The moment I entered the room, she said with a smile: “Look who has come to see you!”. And there was an expression of astonishment on my face. She had called my parents to tell them that I do not attend classes at all.

When I watched this video, I remembered that.

I do not know why people are so mean. This is the biggest problem I see with the world. Why do people even discuss world poverty when there are problems like this?

I also like this passage in a Stephen King novel.

“He maintained stoutly to everyone who asked that he hated this, but he did not. He was deeply and hopelessly in love with Miss Ratcliffe, and he waited all week for his special ed class to come around. The Tuesday school-day seemed to last a thousand years, and he always spent the last two hours of it with pleasant butterflies in his stomach.”-Stephen King, Needful Things


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