The Brilliant Marketing Campaign: The Times Of India And Deepika Padukone

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  1. “Soon Deepika lashed out against the Times Of India, invoking the cause of women’s empowerment. Note that Deepika is also one of the actresses who had supported Sweta Basu Prasad, the actress arrested for prostitution.” <<–Are you criticising her for standing up for Ms Prasad. To me, this just makes her stand consistent.

    I can sort of see the parallel between your tobacco company story and this but I think that example doesn't quite do it. Sure the tobacco industry appropriated the women's suffragist movement but at a time when the health-deteriorating effects of smoking was not proven or widely known — this led to a net positive effect in that it allowed women to express themselves more freely in the public space (they wanted to smoke already and did so privately) and questioned society's double standards. ToI's personal attacks (saying she was a calendar girl) and regressive stance are doing just the opposite.

    I'm not against iconoclasm – "shouldn’t women be proud of their sexuality too?" Sure, but it should be by choice not forced on them with a leery headline (which point they dismiss with an airy 'sure the headline could have been better' WHAT)

    Regardless of who is making money out of this — ToIs actions and responses doing net harm to society and they should be called out on that.

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