The Beast

The beast.

I felt as if it were a straw held at me while I was hanging near the abyss. I looked at it, and then at the man near me. He seems not to realize the extent of the problem. To him, it was not a problem to be solved, but just a fact of reality.

Some days, I wanted to kick and slap him. He would cry. Then, I would look at his face which was not good enough for the pretense. I felt sorry for him. The dangers. Earlier I used to believe that he himself believed it. Now, I know that it is not quite true. What keeps him there? I do not know.
I have never felt a passion so deep ever in my life, and I do not know whether I would ever feel it again. One day, the straw was withdrawn all of a sudden on a stormy day. It was as if no one could tell how it happened with any degree of certainty. It was a rainy day in which the wind blew so hard that I feared that I would fell off from the nail.
One day, I found out that it was he who removed it. I cried and shouted. It was not something which he could recognize. I heard “I agree with you, but I would never let it happen.” I saw him smiling like a maniac. What did it mean to him? I wanted to ask, but I did not.

(September 2007)

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