Ten Years Of Blogging

The search engine spiders did not know how to crawl my Yahoo Geocities page.

The year was 2003, and the search engine spiders did not know how to crawl my Yahoo Geocities page.  I had written many short stories on my Yahoo Geocities page.

To capitalize on my writing skills, I decided to enter short story writing contests. I once had this plan to become a published author before I became a legal adult. But then, I was never much of a “multitasker”. Today, I know that I am not in a hurry.

It began on Sulekha. Sulekha once had a short story writing contest. But, only bloggers were allowed to enter their contest. I started blogging without even knowing what it meant. My fellow bloggers were salt-and-pepper haired NRI’s. They were all angry and upset people who just needed an outlet to vent their anger.

There were many jealous people. One day, a big-time meanie called Ash05 said that my article reads like a high-school essay. But, my blog was better than that of his. There were also people who said that it was only me who deserved some space there. There were such wise people.

I would see many such people later. When they cut my darling passages, the punishment I mete out is mild. But, it is amazing when you see how wonderfully that works. Perhaps it is true that Vengeance is a lazy form of grief. 🙁 They will never tell you that. I will never tell anyone either. I am nice.

Like most narrow-minded, old-fashioned people, journalists too have a low opinion of blogs. They think that there is a lot of noise on the blogosphere. But, there are many wise people who blog: Like Bryan Caplan, Tyler Cowen, David Friedman, and Posner and Becker. And there is me.

Many high profile academics find blog writing more rewarding than journal writing. No one likes writing lame papers. I feel sorry for the people who spend their lives reading and writing such papers and reports. They do not know what they are missing. They have such sad lives.

Unlike journalists, academic bloggers know what they are talking about. Journalists think that people will not work when they are not paid for it. My detractor thinks that. He also claims that academics are lousy. But, I know why. Good writers love the leeway they have on their blog. People who “do not get it” are not good writers.

Journalists have a low opinion of the internet too. In my old Magazine, there were people who used to say things like: “Pulling things from the web”. They think that information can only be found in Government documents. Almost all the great non-fiction works I know are yet to reach the Indian markets. But, Indian journalists have not heard of the great works in social sciences.

I like Bryan Caplan’s books. But, his blog is ten times better than his books. I do not even know why he writes books. I would not have written them if I were him. Blogging gives you that much freedom. Good writers love that.

I know writers who have never blogged. They have never seen their creation in its pure, uncorrupted form. They have never known what it means. I feel sad for them.

I love my blog because my blog taught me how to write.

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