When I was in college, a 16 year old girl promised to marry me. She wanted to name our baby “Sachin”. I believed her.

When a policeman once asked me whether I’d like to get my passport on time, I smiled with gratitude and slammed the door on his face.

When I once read, “Ron Paul is a gynecologist, and he is self-taught.”, I did not understand why this evoked laughter in an audience. I still do not.

I’ve always had a tenuous understanding of sarcasm and double-speak. I take words literally. When I was a child, it took me many years to understand hidden insults. 

I’ve never had it any other way. I was not sarcastic as a child. I was too innocent to understand the art of insinuation. When a teacher was sarcastic to me at 9, I understood her only a year later. When I fully understood her, I felt numb, as if I were struck by lightning. I stood still, staring at my coconut tree. It was too late, because I’d left that city and moved into another school. There was nothing much I could do about this. This was deeply unsettling. Continue Reading


Ludwig Von Mises-The Austrian Theory Of Trade Cycle*
Ludwig Von Mises-Economic Calculation In The socialist Commonwealth*
Ludwig Von Mises-Anti-Capitalist Mentality*
Ludwig Von Mises-Economic Policy*
Ludwig Von Mises-Research Ideas*
Ludwig Von Mises-Marxism Unmasked*
Ludwig Von Mises-Interventionism*
Ludwig Von Mises-Bureaucracy*
Ludwig Von Mises-Free Market And Its Enemies*
Ludwig Von Mises-Liberalism*
Ludwig Von Mises-The Clash Of Group Interests*
Ayn Rand-Playboy Interview*
Ayn Rand-Anthem*
Ayn Rand-Philosophy:Who Needs it
Ayn Rand-The Virtue Of Selfishness*
Ayn Rand-For The New Intellectual*
Ayn Rand-The Fountainhead*
Ayn Rand-Capitalism-The Unknown Ideal*
Murray Rothbard-Ludwig Von Mises:Scholar,Creator,Hero*
Murray Rothbard-Keynes The Man*
Murray Rothbard-For A New Liberty*
Murray Rothbard-What Has Government Done To Our Money*
Murray Rothbard-Egalitarianism As A Revolt Against Nature*
Murray Rothbard-Education,Free & Compulsory*
Frederic Bastiat-Economic Sophisms
Frederic Bastiat-selected Essays On Political Economy
Frederic Bastiat-The Law
Henry Hazlitt-Will Dollars Save The World*
Henry Hazlitt-What You Should Know About Inflation*
Henry Hazlitt-The Conquest Of Poverty*
Henry Hazlitt-Economics In One Lesson*
Lysander Spooner-Natural Law*
Lysander Spooner-Vices Are Not Crimes*
Lysander spooner-No Treason
Hans Hermann Hoppe-Production Of Defense*
Hans Hermann Hoppe-Misesian Case Against Keynes*
Ron Paul-Gold,Peace And Prosperity*
Ron Paul-Mises & The Austrian Influence*
Lew Rockwell-Murray Rothbard-In Memoriam*’
Lew Rockwell-The Gold standard*
Stefan Molyneux-The Tyranny Of Illusion*
Stefan Molyneux-How Not To Achieve Freedom
Stephan Kinsella-Against Intellectual Property*
Carabini-Inclined To Liberty*
Wollstein-Society Without Coercion*
Hayek-The Road To Serfdom*
Hulsmann-Deflation And Liberty*
Ayau-Not A Zero-Sum Game*
David Gordon-An Introduction To Economic Reasoning*
Robert Murphy-Chaos Theory*
Rose wilder Lane-Give Me Liberty*
Hans Sennholz-Age Of Inflation*
Hans Sennholz-The Underground Economy*
Etienne De La Boetie-The Politics Of Obedience*
Morris And Linda Tannehill-The Market for Liberty
Paul A Sameuelson-Economics*
Greg Mankiw-Principles Of Economics*
Sandipan Deb-The IITians*
Cynthia Crossen-The Rich And How They Got That Way*
Robert T Kiyosaki-Before You Quit Your Job*
Robert T Kiyosaki-Rich Dad,Poor Dad*
Robert T Kiyosaki-Guide To Investing*
Napolean Hill-Think And Grow Rich*
Bill Gates-The Road Ahead*
Bill Gates-Business@The Speed Of Thought*
Chetan Bhagath-Five Point Someone*
Chetan Bhagath-One Night@The Call Centre*
M.Scott Peck-The Road Less Travelled*
Thomas J Peters & Robert H waterman-In Search Of Excellence*
Norman Lewis-Word Power Made Easy*
Wilfred Funk-6 Weeks To Words of Power*
Kaavya Viswanathan-How Opal Mehta Got Kissed,Got Wild And Got A Life*
Joe Girard-How To Sell Yourself*
Joe Girard-How To Sell Anything To Anybody*
Trachtenberg-The Trachtenberg Speed System Of Basic Mathematics*
Tanushree Podder-Smart Memory*
Biswaroop Roy-Dynamic Memory Methods*
Raj Bapna-Mind Power study techniques*
Anil Bapna-Mind Power Music*
Harry Lorayne-How To develop A Super Power Memory*
Harry Lorayne-Secrets of Mind Power*
Harry Lorayne-The Memory Book*
Harry Lorayne-Memory Makes Money*
Harry Lorayne-Memory Power*
Geoffrey A Dudley-Double Your Learning Power*
Gamon/Bragdon-Building Mental Muscle*
Alan Baddeley-Your Memory-A Users Guide*
Harshman-Mind Sharpening Lateral Thinking Puzzles*
A Mensa Book Of Brain Teasers*
George J Summers-The Great Book Of Puzzles And Teasers*
Shakuntala Devi-Figuring*
Shakuntala Devi-More Puzzles*
Jim Mattrass Mack-Always Think Big*
Arindham Chaudhary-Count Your Chickens Before they Hatch*
Arindham Chaudhary-The Great Indian Dream*
Willie Jolley-It Only takes A Minute to Change Your Life*
Albert Camus-The Outsider*
Sidney Sheldon-The Other side Of Me*
Sidney Sheldon-The Other Side Of Midnight*
Sidney Sheldon-Tell Me Your Dreams*
Sidney Sheldon-Stars Shine Down*
Jeffrey Archer-The Fourth Estate*
Gitanjali Pandit-Careers In Management*
Tiwana-How To Study In America*
Natasha Pratap-Wanna Study In The US*
Ben Kaplan-How To Go To College Almost for Free*
Amartya Sen-The Argumentative Indian*
Thomas Friedman-The World Is Flat*
Steven D Levitt & Stephen J Dubner-Freakonomics*
Arundhati Roy-An Ordinary Persons Guide To The Empire*
Vedic Mathematics*
Dale Carnegie-How To Win Friends And Influence People*
Dale Carnegie-How To stop worrying And Start Living*
Dale Carnegie-The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking*
Dale Carnegie-How To Enjoy Your Life And Job*
Marcial-Secrets Of The Street*
Andrea Barof-Why I am So Miserable If These Are The Best Years Of My Life*
Anthony Robbins-Awaken The Giant Within*
Anthony Robbins-Unlimited Power*
Robert Greene-48 Laws Of Power*
Robert Greene-The Art Of Seduction*
John Gray-Men Are From Mars,Women Are From venus*
Lester C Thurow-The Future Of Capitalism*
Canfield,Hansen & Kirberger-The Chicken Soup For the Teenage Soul*
Canfield,Hansen & Kirberger-The Chicken Soup For The Romantic Soul*
Daniel Goleman-Emotional Intelligence*
Paulo Coelho-Eleven Minutes*
Tawni O’Dell-Backroads*
Sylvia Nasar-A Beautiful Mind*
Kishore Biyani-It Happened In India*
Dan Brown-Digital Fortress*
Simon Singh-Fermat’s Last Theorem*
Ken Auletta-World War 3.0*
Stephen R Covey-7 Habits Of Highly Effective People*
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Peter L Hirsch-Living With Passion*
Timothy Vick-How To Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffet*
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