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Why Are People So Dumb?

“Dear board members and investors, I don’t think you guys are intellectually capable enough to have any sensible discussion anymore. This is something which I not just believe but can prove on your faces also! I had calculated long back (by taking avg life expectancy minus avg sleeping hrs) that I only have ~3L (hours) in my life. ~3L hrs are certainly not much to waste with you guys! Hence resigning from the position of Directorship, Chairmanship and the CEO position of the company. I’m available for the next 7 days to help in the transition. Won’t give more time after that. So please be efficient in this duration.”

This is Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav’s resignation letter. This is “bad English” and “bad manners”. But, unlike most people, I’ve always greeted these sort of statements with sympathy, tolerance and respect because I know where this comes from, without even knowing anything about such people. And this morning, I read this interview:

Rahul has a general disregard for humankind. Yes. “While growing up, I observed things and always kept thinking. Why are the trains so dirty? Why is this thing like this? Why are people not working hard? Why are hostels so dirty? Why is everything so broken? Why are people so dumb?” he asks rhetorically. However, he is optimistic about changing all this. 

Again, this is “bad English” but I think this is obvious:

Rahul looks outside the window at the lake and says, “Well, food will also change. It is something that hasn’t changed over the last couple of centuries. More and more people are working on computers and are getting tensed about what they eat. It creates stress and is something that is always on the minds. Lifestyles are changing but the food hasn’t. Our generation will be screwed but then we’ll realize and course correct,” he says and Rahul believes this to be the fate with most things on planet earth.


The Right To Inheritance

My fellow blogger,Raghuram Ekambaran has written a post based on my article-“In defense of Capitalism.” He has pointed my attention to the issue of inheritance.He is right in saying that children don’t have an inherent right in the property of their parents.Anil & Mukesh Ambani doesn’t have an inherent right in the property of their parent-Dhirubhai Ambani.But,the basic issue at stake here is not the right of the children.The basic issue in the right of a product is that of the producer-the parent.The producer has the right to dispose of his product in any means.He can even flush it down the loo.He certainly has the right to hand it to his children,whom he loves.

With righteous indignation,people ask-How is it that a rich kid deserve a better education than a poor child.However,they are wrong.The basic issue here is the right of a rich parent to buy for his child the best education he can afford.It is not the right of the child we have to focus on,but of that of the parent.

A related question which statists and socialists ask is-How is it that a CEO deserves a private jet when millions of children are starving? What they don’t realize is that the CEO has produced his wealth and that wealth rightfully belongs to him.He has the right to spend it in any manner he chooses.He can spend it on a private jet as the starvation of millions of children doesn’t cause him any misery-His wealth wasn’t taken away from the starving children.The CEO deserves the private jet,when the starving children doesn’t have any right to the food the CEO’s wealth would have provided to them,if forcefully extorted by the Government.