Sex, Crime And Erudite Men

If you put quite a few people inside a building, many things are bound to happen. Many bad things are bound to happen. Unless they are, well, nerds. Anyone who has worked inside an office for more than a few months know this. The people who deny this are the worst, the most contemptible people I have known.

I gather, from Twitter, that an alpha male ran into trouble after he raped a female colleague. His full name is Tarun Tejpal. Think about this. This guy is 50. The female colleague was not just a former colleague’s daughter. She is/was his daughter’s friend. Forget morality. How can he take such a huge risk for a moment’s pleasure? Even if she did not expose him, it would have been very difficult for them to work with each other. Why do people assume that he must have failed himself once, at a weak moment, at the age of fifty? Perhaps she did not have good “sportsmanship”, as he had expected. Perhaps, it was not easy to get away, this time?

Alpha males can get almost any woman. Why do they get into all this? I never understood. When I look at most evil things that people do, it does not make any sense to me.

One woman says on Facebook that if erudite men can do such things, the fate of women in this patriarchal country is bleak indeed. I do not know whether he is erudite, because I have not read him, but do they mean to say that erudite men do not have sexual desire? Another journalist said that it is surprising that someone who believes in these popular causes can do evil: “Change the world, bring water to remote villages, destroy khap panchayats, right gender imbalance, stamp out evil from the land, or at the very least destroy a pompous novelist’s ego, thrilled to.” But, if someone believes in such popular causes, I take it as prima facie evidence that he is manipulative. You do not have to be smart, or even a decent fellow to believe in such causes. Political correctness is a form of manipulation. A person who cheats himself will cheat other people. QED.

What I find surprising is not that he was allowed to get away with it, by “recusing” himself. I am surprised that the young girl was able to get as much done. Perhaps the management was reasonably supportive. Or, perhaps she was good at getting what she wanted.

PS: Prashanth Perumal says, “They cannot blame patriarchy anymore.”

PS 2: Read this: “Journalists who worked with Tejpal at Outlook remember him as an ideas person who left the hard work to hard-nosed reporters such as Bahal. He was also getting a seedy reputation for talking loosely about the sex lives of people he knew and for brushing aside sexual harassment complaints. One of his former colleagues, who quit journalism after an incident in which the Tejpal-Chaudhury duo played a questionable role, remembers the indifference with which he treated her sexual harassment complaint against a colleague who had circulated pictures of her exposed midriff all around the office. Fourteen years on, this former journalist still remembers her shock when Chaudhary came up to her with a message from Tejpal that her complaint wouldn’t go down well with the management and that she should settle for a letter of apology. She had no choice but to accept the apology, but she quit in disgust when her colleague got a promotion a few months later. Today, this former journalist finds an uncanny resemblance between Chaudhary’s behaviour in her case and his response to the Goa grope fest – the only difference is that she’s no longer a gullible newbie.”

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