Why Liberated Young Ladies Do Not Have My Support

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  1. You’re not a very good writer. Your writing is full of contradictions and very biased, additionally you’re unable to develop an understanding of the issue further than a 16 year old boy.

  2. I just completed a neuroscience course in university that studies sex differences in the brain. There is no evidence whatsoever of men being more intelligent than women. I will simplify so you are able to understand. Yes, male brains are larger but the neurons have a larger distance to cover, therefore the message is delayed. Women’s brains are smaller but the messages are conveyed further. Therefore a women’s brain is more energy efficient and faster than a male’s brain. It is worthy to note that there has been no correlation between brain size and intelligence, for more information you can refer to the sizes of Einstein’s brain (very average!) The woman at your work may be less intelligent than you but this is not a result of biology. As you are well aware of, in India women are still oppressed. In other countries women actually develop faster, so they are smarter in primary school. In secondary school both women and men are approximately equal.

    Interestingly, there is a major difference in anger and aggression between men and woman in that men are much more likely to lose their temper and are therefore more provoked by their emotions than women. This is because there are less neural connections between the frontal lobe (rational thought) and limbic system (emotional processing) for men. Especially in serial killers, most of whom are men, the connections between the aforementioned regions are sparse.

    I wonder what your thought on the matter would be if the roles were reversed. Also if your wish is become a writer (you’re language and sentence structure is quite good) I recommend you try to develop a deeper understanding of controversial issues as you sound like a 14 year old having a good ol’ rant. People don’t become famous because they are ‘shit stirrers’ but if they offer another way of looking at an issue. No one will read your work if your main goal is to cause trouble and anger your readers and critics will not be so kind to you. Of course your argument has a point but you attempt to generalise women as being the ‘big bad wolf’. The only people who will agree with you will be the uneducated who believe such things. My main point is that writers become famous not only for their writing style but the ideals that they express, so you’re half way there.

  3. 1) I never said that men are smarter than women. On the means, the IQs of men and women are almost the same. Men have a slightly high average IQ, but the difference is modest, and not really worth mentioning. But, the male variance is huge. There are more men with IQs greater than 140, and there are more men with IQs lower than 70. So, there are more male geniuses and there are more morons among men. This is the primary reason why there are far more highly successful men. On the top you have to be really smart, and you should have your priorities right. Women have more distractions too.

    2) Men are more likely to lose their temper openly, and lose their temper in the public sphere. But, does that prove that men have less control over their emotions. Hardly. I think it is a lot more complex than that. Men, for instance are more rational when they reason, when they philosophize. Women use more covert tactics to express anger, of course. Inside homes, women are more aggressive than men. And if you look at say, murder inside families, women use more covert tactics like poisoning, while men stab their spouses with a knife or shoot them with a gun. Before blaming men for overt violence, think for a moment. What would be the motive of someone who stabs in anger? What would be the motive of someone who poisons? Women often poison, for insurance money and suchlike. It is hard to detect. No one known whether men or women do more murder because what women do is hard to detect. But, in spousal violence, we have good data. Read Roy F. Baumeister’s and Warren Farrell’s work on gender.

    3) Every passage in this post can be substantiated, with facts, figures and arguments, which I might do in a separate post. Please leave your name and email when you post comments because I find your comments very interesting.

  4. I find passive aggressive people less trust worthy and harmful than some people who use overt aggression. Especially people who use covert tactics to murder someone inflict as much harm. 1) Covert tactics involves planning. It also means that you are not comfortable expressing your anger, which means that you probably do not have a valid reason to hold anger. I do not wish to say that this is necessarily the reason. The people who are victims of passive aggression probably cannot complain openly because they are reading subtle cues and there is always plausible deniability. 2) Murdering someone for money, and murdering someone out of anger is different because when you are angry, it is possible that you have a valid reason to be angry. When you poison someone for money, well. Someone who is very angry for a good reason normally do not flesh out a detailed plan. They might, but they probably won’t. More importantly, for people who think passive aggression as a way of living , it is hardly necessary to lose their temper. They are in that mode, and need not go off that mode to do something to someone. You can also see that they have less clarity of thought than the people who are not passive aggressive. The reason I think is that your priorities influence even the way you think in ideological issues. The people who are passive aggressive have to lie to themselves to lie to others. So, thinking clearly is not in their self-interest.

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