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On Adam Smith (Asperger)

“As to his personality quirks, the famous Professor of Moral Philosophy had a harsh, thick voice and often stuttered. He was the quintessential absentminded professor. His life was one of ubiquitous disorganization and ambiguity. Books and papers were stacked everywhere in his study. From his childhood, he had the habit of speaking to himself, “smiling in rapt conversation with invisible companions” Stories abound of his bumbling nature: the time he fell into a tanning pit while discoursing with a friend; the morning he put bread and butter into a teapot, and after tasting it, declared it to be the worst cup of tea he had ever had; and the time he went out walking and daydreaming in his old nightgown and ended up several miles outside town. “He was the most absent man I ever knew,” declared one acquaintance. “He’s a most absent-minded creature,” she later wrote, “but one of the most lovable”. We know pitifully little about his love interests. We know from his biographers that as a young man Smith was in love with a beautiful and accomplished young lady, but unknown circumstances prevented their marriage.”-The Making of Modern Economics, Mark Skousen

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