When A Nigerian Gifts Us His Estate Over Email

GiftSome interesting women who messaged me on Facebook today:

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578643_528083923934042_1395877604_n2)Hello dear, (cristabeljobe (at) hotmail.com) Am cristabel.I got interested in you hoping we could develop a relationship or a matured friendship that may or will grow from here,if you are interested.You can email me at my private via email address (cristabeljobe (at) hotmail.com) other,thanks. (cristabeljobe (at) hotmail.com).

Post Script: When a Nigerian gifts us his estate over email, we tell him: “Thanks, but no thanks!” We know that there are no such easy solutions to our personal woes. But, when an ex-army truck driver claims that he has found the solution to a nation’s woes, even otherwise sane men think that they have found their Messiah. It feels so good because in politics and religion, people refuse to use their mind.


    Rightly said. No easy solutions to our woes.

    Harsh Vora | 4 years ago

    Liked :)

    lostinsilence | 4 years ago

    Lol. Thanks :)

    Shanu Athiparambath | 4 years ago

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