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  1. In countries with poor human rights standards, it’s hard to tell that the transaction is really voluntary. I know an Ecuadoran whose infant cousin was simply stolen from the hospital. After birth, the nurses took the baby for a minute and it was never brought back to the mother – no one knew what had happened to it. It was probably adopted by Americans who believed it was an orphan or unwanted.

    Given cultural differences in people’s willingness to adopt, showing a baby to local couples first may not significantly decrease the availability of healthy children for foreigners. My understanding is that in countries like Russia where adoption is much less popular, there just isn’t enough local demand to adopt even all the healthy and beautiful children. So Americans can adopt left-over children who probably have nothing wrong with them beyond what was caused by spending their first year in an orphanage. That said, anything that delays adoption (like requiring them to be shown to certain parents first and other parents later) lengthens the time the kids spend in orphanages, which certainly is bad for their physical and mental health.

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