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But, why am I not impressed?

Given my kindness and compassion, the last thing I want is to hurt another person’s sentiments. Sometimes I feel that I should have laughed at their faces or at least slapped, but it all goes unrewarded. Does truth hurt as much?

With age, comes wisdom-and humility! Hopefully, I won’t be an exception. Certainly one reason I prefer a dowdy old hag who understands my insults to a pretty young girl who can’t tell Satire from Sartre, to make a general categorical statement not intended at anyone in particular. More than common honesty and common decency, I prefer common sense. One should at least cringe in shame.

Sharing her doesn’t make me a little bit sad. I am indifferent to him for the same reason I am indifferent to the state. Both won’t go away-No, at least not anytime soon!

I wonder why last day night I had a horrible dream in which my normal life was destroyed being caught sleeping with someone. Such a thing never ever crossed my disciplined mind. It took me some time to recover from the shock!

In last night’s dream, I was arrested for sexual harassment. As far as I remember, I didn’t do it. I just stared inappropriately and walked away without bowing my knee to a police man who later hunted me down and locked me up in a jail. The evils of Government law enforcement. One is sent to the penitentiary for thought crime! What did I do? I do not understand.

Beneath all his pretensions, somewhere deep down he senses he had betrayed something he never should have, and that it was his own mind. In the middle of the night when an anxiety strikes him, he stares into a vacuum and blinks.

Is wondering what a “libertarian” would do when his new coercive scheme is accepted by the Government! Would he run around his office exclaiming “The State Likes me!”, wagging his tail and yelping? When it’s pushed through in the name of “strategy” or as a “transitional phase”, what gets more acceptance is not liberty, but the person. Liberty is rejected outright. One should have the grace to say he wanted just that!

I have revised my positions several times in the past, and will do so continuously till I pack my bags and go to hell. There is, however, one argument I will never ever trifle with for a single second, no matter how persuasive it seems on surface, no matter what happens to me-The argument that one can do “good” through force, the secret shame of rascals of all variants and persuasions.

I have excommunicated you for taking such a cowardly, apathetic attitude towards corporal punishment, which is the sickest act one can ever perform-bullying someone half your size. You have no place on my wall. Go back to your torture chamber and empty the remaining cup of coffee with Hitler, Stalin and Mao. You can curry favors with conservatives and rascals of other persuasions, not with me. You are out of my list in a few seconds.

He is the court jester. He is known as the human face of capitalism and the poor man’s capitalist. He is a champion of the “little man”. The state loves and needs him. He is thought of as a humanitarian and a great benefactor of mankind. In the words of Mencken,”He is a man who has lied and dissembled, and a man who has crawled. He knows the taste of bootpolish.”

Excessive focus on gender, race, sexuality and nationality, whether legitimate or not, while turning a blind eye to war and immigration restrictions is like complaining of ones mother-in-law’s nagging when someone is raping your wife and mugging your children.

Do you think we can spread non violence by telling people that a little force is acceptable? Now, they will come drooling, thinking that they have finally got the permission to justify force from the other side. The acceptance of the opponent feels good, and is more valuable. A lie is never pragmatic, in the sphere of ideas.

If I push on, at the end the real truth comes out of their mouth that and I realize that all the twists, obfuscations, contradictions, non sequiturs, equivocations , complexities, tricks and intellectual acrobatics were intended to hide this plain naked truth, the shabby unspeakable secret, the secret shame of savages who have never risen out of the archaic practice of doing good to children through force.

Historian Tom Woods sums me up:1) I am so smart and everyone else is an idiot. 2) I have never read any of the classical arguments for the existence of God, though I have read atheist caricatures of them. So, that qualifies me to denounce religious believers as idiots. 3) I know all about child raising, though I am not yet 20 and have no children. But anyone who disagrees with me is a savage and an idiot. 4) I have a high IQ, and enjoy intellectual pursuits. Anyone less gifted than I barely deserves to live. 5) If someone disagrees with me, that is because he is irrational.

I am surprised to know that a communist guessed my political inclinations without me speaking a word on politics. “Communists respect people’, he contemptuously remarked. Perhaps, by confiscating their property and sending them to concentration camps. Thanks, but no thanks! I will live without their respect!

Is surprised that a girl removed him for informing her that she is a “sex object”! How is that even possible? I didn’t reject the statistically insignificant possibility that she can be more than that. Conceding too much. But, it always makes sense to entertain such philosophical possibilities. It never hurts. It might even help!

How else could one explain the uncontrollable fascination with which they talk and the inarticulate sense of fear, pain, confusion and discomfort they exhibit when they get to their right senses? It is as if a button had been just pressed and they have suddenly turned helpless and neurotic. Very often their fantasies have no relation to reality and what they idealize is tyranny.

Communalism is seen as a coarse form of collectivism while nationalism is euphemized as ‘patriotism’. Why isn’t racism, then an ideal? Why is a mutual bond based on race seen as atavistic, while that on nationality is perceived as noble? It is the very herd mentality, to which a person sticks to, out of his own inferiority that makes him a patriot.

There is much to be done-For the devils out there in the heaven, the scoundrel who dumped his wife for prestige-prestige in the eyes of the slaves he exploited, the neurotic who ran after countless girls without any sense of purpose & the fool crusaded for the sins of his fellow beings.

We all have gone through such a phase. It will also pass, and I will be soon out of this hormonal imbalance state, in which I play online hero games where I smash everyone, when in real life it is the other way round. See, someone is blocking the revenge of nerds!

We all have long known how determined the trade union representative is in saving the little man, the hapless worker from the oppression, suppression and exploitation by the wicked capitalist. The unrepentant trade union leader is marked by an ever exceeding cynicism, self-imposed economic illiteracy and stupefying moral bankruptcy. In his eyes, if left to himself divorced from the clutches of the state, the businessman is omnipotent. What makes him really dangerous is not his omnipotence as such, but the fact that he is full of caprice and whim. His range of planning hardly proceeds beyond a day, and he has always had a hard time coming in grips with the fact that others too are driven by selfish motives.

The only hope of the worker lies in the totalitarian state. By the virtue of its cozy alliance with trade union thugs, the state can put a solid rein on the Capitalist’s excesses by disciplining him whenever he exercises his whim. In the process, the state successfully legislates out of existence an artificial construct of “heartless” economists: the age old law of supply and demand.

I have been patronizingly chided by an establishment libertarian for not stepping out of my Ivory Tower and asking parents and children whether they need to legislate a common schedule for School Admissions, a scheme which emerged from the supposedly “realistic” and “sophisticated”, if rather grubby world of “establishment libertarianism”. It reminds me of the “bleeding-heart liberal” cry for the Mommy State: “Ask the poor! They all need welfare!”. I completely agree. I’d also love reading Anarcho-Capitalist books being on welfare.

I wonder why many high IQ establishment types haven’t caught up to the instinctively shrewd, if often unsophisticated mass distrust of politicians!

Almost all libertarians I know are libertarians despite of themselves. They read abstract philosophy despite their hatred for reading. They pursue ideas despite their utmost contempt for ideas. They want to eliminate violence, despite their secret liking for it. They hate the state despite their secret desire to be in favor with and have a share of its booty. In short they are farthest from their true selves!

I laugh when I hear: What have you done for the cause of liberty apart from your whining about Government tyranny? As they patronizingly remind me to bring me back to reality, I was not even conceived when Ronald Reagan, the big taxer, big spender, and big-time protectionist snatched power by fooling dupes who were swayed by his poorly memorized ‘Readers Digest’ anecdotes and right-wing platitudes. True enough. I agree.

Is long-suffering and wish to excommunicate-throw the rascals out. I will kick you out if you’re 1) a man, IQ<125 2) a woman, IQ<110 and/or lacking in Sapiosexuality 3) Fails libertarian purity test (In grave trouble if you support War/Immigration Restrictions/ Corporal Punishment) 4) Prefer casual talk/flirting over philosophical discussions 5) Enjoys persecuting young innocent Nerds who advance human civilization.

The market is blind. It does not discriminate. While it can have a “de-barbarizing” effect on monsters, it can have a “dehumanizing” effect on the smart angels through forced integration with dull hoodlums who they can’t “profitably” snub. Market is hence the greatest equalizer too. Egalitarians should be pleased no end as moral and intellectual equality should be a far more desirable end than economic equality.

Will a recognizable picture emerge if a billion pieces are combined together? Perhaps. Is it too low on the probability scale? It depends. Will it be be a lot better than how it was before? Most certainly. Why is it so? Because… because we are not talking of a billion piece jigsaw puzzle, but something so easily mend-able, if only there is a will on the part of all concerned. And it would look even more beautiful.

Feels he loves money & capitalism, feels anger, has a fascination with the concept of having transgressive desires-all on an abstract level. On a concrete level, I’m not sure that I’ll be perfectly happy with anything other than money. Only in the capacity of a decent citizen, does liberty appeals to me immensely. This paradox was identified as mind body dichotomy by the great philosopher Ayn Rand.

I expressed my intense displeasure on a paper Ms. X co-authored. After protesting that it was published in an Intl. Journal, she asked with utmost contempt, her temper flaring up: “Do you have any background in Law?”. Knowing that I’m in grave trouble, I replied petrified: “Um..Well, No.” She passed her final judgment: “You Economics people think you’re too good for the world. But, I tell you, you’re not!”

I am really appalled by my own socially unacceptable behavior! Where does discretion fit into all this-or tactfulness-or norms of civilized discourse-or common decency? Hopefully, before it is too late, reality will be my most punitive teacher and teach me the much-needed lesson that all this helps a long way when it comes to things one shouldn’t speak, or even think!

I can only hope that a person who wondered why we can’t indulge in intellectual depravity when “everything is a point of view” is now hoping against hope that reality is flexible after all, and what happened to him is just another “POV” which could be bent according to his whims and fancies. Gosh, What a wicked child I must be to take delight and amusement when my fellow human beings fall by the wayside?

The word “Austro-Libertarian” has the effect of a red flag on a bull on an economist. It is easy to see why, though he stammers that one should clearly draw the line between Economics and Ethics-Or, there are no definite conclusions to be drawn from Economics, except some points of view. As usual, this touchiness is a cover for such rationalizations. Rationalizations to NOT get marginalized!

“Justice is unrelenting”, as it is evident from the epistemological research of St. Ayn! You can relax. I do not enjoy this diabolic torture. I am not doing it for you. I am torturing myself. I’m being purely selfish here. If there is anything for you, it is more of a reward than a sacrificial offering.

Saying things which one thinks to be true is by no means a “crime” worse than doing things which one knows to be wrong!

Accurate perceptions are rarely a priori inferences!

I am very much against oral cancer now. I want it to be legislated out of existence.

No one argues that dull masses can’t remember all the groceries they need to buy and hence the “Mommy state” should buy it for them by mulcting them in advance. The ordinary citizen doesn’t have to understand the legal codes of various enforcement agencies any more than he should understand the code of a new Operating System he buys. It is hardly necessary.

Rebellious teenagers attracted to Ayn Rand can become pompous, arrogant, dogmatic, lonely and abusive and consequently objects of ridicule and social ostracism-what is called “Randroid”-but being something like the Tucson shooter seems quite low on the probability scale!

Geez, how could income inequality cause teenage pregnancy? It is all about Sexual promiscuity, not income inequality! Get that right first. These girls should be sent right to the naughty corner!

It is unfair to say I am one who is least interested in Government and sex. In fact, I want both to be abolished from earth. One by man, and the other by nature. I am dead serious. Otherwise, I will be discriminated against.However, in the absence of one, I won’t come into existence, and in the absence of the other, I won’t even survive. So, it is a hard problem. We should think twice before abolishing any of these.

“Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.”-Well, for most girls, it takes more effort to stand still than to look stupid!

In “Honest Money”, Gary North is enlightening us of the problems when women were used as money. The single biggest problem was that of divisibility. Half a woman, he writes, is worse than none.

An old diary entry: “I kept on chatting with her [she was 13, and I was out of my mid teens] till 5 in the morning. She told me to wait as she had to change her clothes.” Half done” she told me. ”Tops off or shorts off?” I asked. Look, we are flirting. I am not in to this.” replied she.“I am sorry”, I said. “It’s okay. By the way, tops off” was her reply.”

On a high philosophical level, the man on the street is against everything which improves the quality of his life-From money to sex to markets to lurid magazines. I possible, he wants most of these banned here and now. In reality, he is the most shameless in pursuing all of these. Is this painfully obvious fact too complicated to be beyond a democratic man?

Fondly remembers a father and daughter on Facebook schooling me on how the “social structure” is preventing girls from achieving success. How sad the fate of women were in the middle ages and in the middle east and how that is preventing girls even in this age. And how a pretty middle class girl is not able to go to a pub at 12 O Clock in the midnight and how that prevents her from moving up in her life and career.

Many seem too much concerned about my “hidden” leftist tendencies and cultural Marxism. I do not even know how to respond to nonsense like: You must be a closet communist if you are an atheist. You are a leftist if you oppose violence on children. If you sympathize with feminism, it must be because you are looking for easy ways to get laid. You support abortion as you were not aborted.

The entire system of Objectivist arguments against liberty require a structure of smoke-and-mirrors of fooling ignoramuses into believing that libertarians leap into politics throwing morality to the winds, objective law can only emerge from the all-knowing state, moral premises should be derived from some meaningless piece of nonsense like “A is A”, the state is a rights protector and all such hogwash!

Few who praise them have read them, and few who read them have understood them, and few who understood them can assess the merit, and few who can assess the merit would tell the truth!

It’s highly refreshing to talk to less intellectually sophisticated types among conservatives, as they’re more honestly bigoted. While the more educated ones concede meekly, fools openly proclaim that inferior races should be kept out, war is individualistic, wife-beating conserves family structure, parental freedom should stop short of chopping off children’s hands, & homosexuals should be stoned to death!

Thinks how to move forward or to get ones way doesn’t matter to him as much as whether something is right or wrong!

When young I went through it out of a lack of choice and when I grew up, I suppose I will thoroughly enjoy going through it purely out of choice!

Is amused to hear that someone thinks everyone ditched him in his bad times. Awww!

Is delighted getting a mail saying that I am a trouble maker who doesn’t spare even people who had blind faith in me! Ha! The myopic, cynical remorseless sociopath that I am! Should I add “heartless”?

The malevolent universe premise. Doublespeak and all that!

I think reality takes care of fools better than plain rascals. But rascals are often fools who know way too well that they’d better be rascals.

Looks like it makes less sense to be penny wise and pound foolish even when penny is ones and pound others!

I have always taken delight in being an elitist. I have always enjoyed elitist literature. I now understand that real elitism which comes out of a genuine lack of respect is never pleasant. It makes one feel terrible. It is sickening. One can’t take delight when one feels that way!

Religion is an over thing for me, and has been so since the age of ten. But, the conservatives in the libertarian movement keep provoking me. They start with opposing abortion and end up lauding mass slaughter-Like the proverbial humanitarian who start with professions of love and end with a sea of blood!

Is laughing out loud reading a fired colleague quoting Calvin: “It’s not denial. I’m just very selective about the reality I accept.” Ha! The selective blindness of two-bit whores! Sigh! My meanness doesn’t shock me anymore!

Neurotics feel too much guilt and character disorders feel too little. I do not know what is worse.

Is reading “Nevada’s very own mad professor” whose knowledge of economics, according to Tom G Palmer is “as deep as his knowledge of Sanskrit”.

The illicit passion. The transgression. The taboo!

To most, pacifism looks like a “sissy” point of view, way too idealistic and hopelessly out of touch with hard facts of reality.

I understood very little of Hayek. I can think of one thing I learned from him and not from others: “Nor is there any reason why the state should not help to organize a comprehensive system of social insurance.” And it makes me feel terrible! Whenever I hear his cult uttering nonsense like he never advocated welfare but meekly conceded that it is acceptable, I wonder whether they have even understood as much!

We have the best Government that idiocy can buy!

Bleeding heart liberals often misunderstand our position. They look at our position on welfare and think we don’t care about teenaged pregnant girls. This, you see, is a complete misrepresentation. I tell you, we’re not monsters. Our heart bleeds for them as much, but we believe that voluntary charity will perfectly take care of such mothers and their welfare babies. We don’t need no Government orchestrated charity. Bleeding heart liberals often misunderstand our position. They look at our position on welfare and think we don’t care about the elderly. This, you see, is a complete misrepresentation. Our heart bleeds for them as much, but we believe that voluntary charity will perfectly take care of the elderly. We don’t need no Government orchestrated charity. What makes more sense? Welfare for the elderly or pretty little girls with babies? From what I can see, four decades is much, much longer than two minutes and one is not born at sixty. One must have lazed all the way.

Sarcasm Is Just Another Free Service I Offer

One statist economist friend nominated me for the Mont Pelerin Society Asia Regional Meeting and I got a mail saying there is an option at a fraction of the price, which I didn’t read. I decided to snub them as I didn’t want to spend my time and money on ones who are in awe of the initial progress Soviet Russia made and believes in such like absurdities. I really want to get marginalized and bask in my victim-hood!

The claim that people will topple despotic Governments the moment they stop “ensuring a modicum of security of life and property” doesn’t hold much water. What does “a modicum of security of life and property mean” in any case? If the Soviet system under which generations starved and perished was overthrown in a moment, how long is the moment? I do not understand. I never understood.

Looks like most are not plain evil, but “unscrupulous in the innocent manner of one unable to grasp the conception of a scruple”-What is called imbecile. Not exactly. But, Yeah. Something like that.

With statistically insignificant exceptions like Ron Paul, a politician can’t even be a popularizer of libertarian ideas. Given their intelligence and personality, they can’t even handle the pressure of ideas. In the absence of “armchair revolutionaries”, they will all be groping in the darkness, pushing this button and that on whim, sending us all to a worse hell than Soviet Russia. Sigh!

Ha! Sand, beaches and all. You make me jealous! A much enjoyable experience, wasn’t it? Pure, non-contradictory joy, free of guilt? No? However little it is, gimme my tax money back, young lady! All of it! And all that is in my pocket which can’t help that fact that its time is fast running out as of the ever running money printing press in which you play no mean role!

I seriously doubt whether Reagan’s free market rhetoric is more commendable than a prostitute’s speech on the glories of virginity!

I wonder why ‘Objectivists’ lose sleep over people demanding “non-objective” laws under anarchy. It should be obvious that the very same people would demand the same and get it more easily under the state. In any case, how can any sensible person expect a limited Government to be established irrespective of majority will? Is the constitution a living entity to prevent such transgressions? All this is nonsense!

The minarchist stock answer to anarchy: “Why don’t you pack your bags and go to Somalia?” reminds me of an analogy someone pointed out: “If you are for legalizing prostitution, why don’t you send your pretty sister to my home?”.

Is really appalled after getting my employer’s mail which read: “Good, now I can hope to profit from your life.” Hopefully God will see to it that he burns in an Objectivist hell!

The doctor said I won’t die of Cancer, as there is no evidence of malignancy. It seems it was just an inflammation. What a great loss for humanity it would have been!

Truth can enlighten. Truth can hurt. It can hardly annoy. Especially the truth one dare not admit to another.

Exaggeration is a relative term, isn’t it? It means an inaccurate perception which bloats up the objective facts. To bloat up, the facts must be objective. Otherwise it would be a misrepresentation. It would be outright falsehood. It would never be an exaggeration or overstatement.

How is our monetary therapist, Ms. Y- kind, but stern taskmistress who practices tough love? Thanks, but no thanks! We do not need a “libertarian of the state” like you to save us from acts of God like inflation and recessions!

Why should I feel ignored, my dearest? When you become the big woman in the financial markets, won’t the world hang on to your every word? Weren’t you furthering the cult of secrecy of the Central Bank by maintaining your silence? Is not continuous practice worth it even if the one at the receiving end of your cold rejection is a much exploited victim? Too late it would be when others wake up to it, but don’t you think that I am too smart for all that?

Why didn’t I think of it before? I have always wanted to write fiction. How the panderer to power, the social climber Y worked her way up the collectivist ladder punching libertarianism in the throat. The man who fought her at every bit, and yet loved her, and still wanted to oust her off her throne, and blast that throne forever. Looks good, isn’t it?

I really like it when I hear it being said that something is true, period, and there is nothing more to it, and there should be nothing more to it!

Thinks children should go to the school instead of the neighborhood candy store only if they like being scolded, smacked and ordered around by adult women. If there are any good aspects of schooling, it could be enjoyed without going through the whole nasty process.

The merciless state has placed its ugly hands on this innocent nerd too, to mulct a fair share of whatever little he has got. Not fair. Not fair at all! I can only console myself saying that the state has again emphasized its status as that of a flesh and blood enemy, rather than a meaningless abstraction in a much enjoyable intellectual parlor game! Sob! Sob!

Has found an ingenious way to access H L Menckens works. Won’t tell anyone! Those books are too good! You shouldn’t tell anyone either! It should be read only by elite insiders. Masses don’t deserve to read it!

The rationalist in me is compelled to admit that he is filled with enlightenment after reading Gary North’s “Honest Money”, an exposition of Christian monetary economics. God is damn serious about his orders-eternally serious. God will not be mocked!

I have always felt that it is moral neutrality which destroys the world! People who fumble and fiddle around, the ones who evade the central issue. The ones who twist purposefully for long without ever getting to the point and finally put in a not so explicit manner.

Gary North wonders: If God’s law is true, how could bad money drive out good money? But Economists were brilliant. They figured out the answer for this centuries old puzzle which turns our God against market competition. It happens only when the Government enforces equality.

It is hard to explain how words could be literally true and yet mean the exact opposite of what is being said. One can see no other reason why such words shouldn’t belong exclusively to ones own mind!

My libertarian sensibilities are hurt by the innate collectivism of Troy Camplin , who , after an extensive reading of the Communist traitor Hayek is now glancing through the pages of our Bible “Human Action” with condescending respect! It is not boring, he says, contemptuously! The first Church of Ludwig Von Mises and Murray Rothbard doesn’t need you, Troy!

See, our planner Troy Camplin is now trying to save his face, to explain his way out of this blame. He is trying to prove his libertarian credentials in a “Peter Keating-like” manner by stating how his friends testify his purity, and how his blog managed to infiltrate (perhaps through devious means) the blog-roll of the Mises Institute website. The day has come when it is the dream of every social democrat to be branded a libertarian!

All my experiences and conversations confirm my adolescent hypothesis that many “Hayekians” haven’t really read him, yet want to praise him to the sky and are only slightly better than Hollywood Marxists!

Playing with the retrospectively obvious notion that he can rationally optimize fun only by being true to his nature!

Today is a very sad day. I started working with this Organization on a December 29th last year! I feel compassion for myself. My employer happens not to share that “feeling” and has capped his crimes by being surprised that I survived this whole year. I say “No”. I refuse to accept insensitivity. I demand immediate monetary compensation for letting me have a close look at hell on earth!

William Lloyd Garrison was the radical, the abolitionist, the button pusher every moderate, cowardly libertarian has warned me of.

Today is Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, the John Galt of Christians. I weep when I think of the hurtful words a religious person hurled at atheists:”Atleast I have something to celebrate this Christmas. Sorry fellas!” Randroids at least have the luxury of celebrating a selfish Christmas, as long as they reject the religious significance, without being consigned to an Objectivist hell which is a pit of fire.

Eureka! I can’t think of a more path-breaking innovation in libertarian philosophy than proving that even the twisted moral code of egalitarians will take us straight to the market paradise. With the 30 page rational proof, and following rigorous, mathematical analysis of this striking conclusion, I will establish myself as the leading moral philosopher and a grand system builder of my generation.

I wonder why some ABCT believers think breakups and divorce are bad. The boom has run the course and malinvestments were made. Isn’t the necessary correction good? If not, why? Why are people so touchy about the breakup of families and relationships when in most cases it shouldn’t have happened in the first place? It feels horrible, but so what? Far better if an illusion is gone!

The present day barbarian is the logical end result of centuries of skepticism and moral relativism. Everything is a point of view is a notion in which only fools and rascals believe in, as it is a rationalization of the utterly contemptible attitude that anything goes!

I remember a person who loved placing a lively pond fish in her hand, watch it struggle and put it back into fresh water. Now, that’s some idea of fun, from which some rarely grow out of!

I absolutely love Bob Wallace. He is full of opinions, the craziness of which would put Ayn Rand to shame, all of it pronounced as if it were a self-evident absolute, which is obvious to him, and should have been equally self-evident to others if only they weren’t so stupid, stupid to the point that they needed him to point it out to them. No sight so pleasant as that of an eccentric blogger!

Whenever you hear it said that Capitalism made us poor, human progress destroyed the environment or crime rates rose as of a drop in corporal punishment, remember:They lie, misrepresent and rationalize. It’s never said out loud, or in so many words, or in so explicit a manner, but what lurks behind these claims is the shameful, despicable, sick commandment of present day savages:”If only we were a lot more violent”.

If liberty means immigration restrictions, government production of security, minimum wage laws, moral policing, public work projects and social insurance , I am sorry, I do not need it.

Read Gary North’s “The Coase Theorem”, which is a passionate attack on the “dirty secret” of Economic Analysis Of Law and Value-Free Economics. It prods me to take God’s word and actions more seriously, which is revealed through Bible, of course. It would mean the mind-boggling task of mastering Christian Ethics, Epistemology and Economics in and out!

Feels glad that someone, somewhere cares for me, but it makes me sick that it is the all knowing State!

Feels enraged that Kaveri Gupta and Riddhima Mishra like Prashanth Perumal more than me. The reasons I hear are so irrational and so offensive to me, like one prefers a minarchist over an anarchist and the other prefers broad shoulders over unmatched brilliance. This has been too much, way too much, for even the saintly man that I am to continue indulging them!

One of the very few Indian Austro-Libertarian girls I know is now gainfully employed. She’s firmly ensconced in the Central Bank as a manager, and is now privileged enough to leech on innocent people all her life. Ha! The lure of the benevolent state which bends over backward to let in even the staunchest libertarian if only they are willing to be its greatest asset!

Is mastering the art of writing in complex, incomprehensible jargon that I will move up the ladder in intellectual circles when the time comes!

4 years is a pretty long time and there should be more to write maybe, but there isn’t. It all comes back to the very first day our Graphics Lecturer bored me to death.

You sure do look like someone who really deserves to know the taste of your own medicine. I can only say that I’ll see to it that it is a lot more stronger, punchy, bitter and acerbic.

The closest you have reached in earning it was by accepting the simple but devastating fact that you can’t earn it at all.

What I usually hear is wrong, but makes sense. What you had just said is plain stupid!

Your near complete moral bankruptcy doesn’t entitle you to behave like a scary monster.

It stands to reason that one’s individualism could be displayed through conformity, in many spheres of life. The Randian concept of redeeming one’s mind from the hockshops of authority in the sense she had put it, is, to some extent, misguided. It is perfectly appropriate to wisely choose whom to trust “blindly”, or even to trust some random expert “blindly” than to rely on ones unaided wisdom.

The state can recognize ones rights only to a particular extent. Only to the extent that a rapist can recognize a woman’s right to love making.

I am always nice to people, as stupidity is no crime!

I am not at all convinced that you are evil, but I will rate your intelligence higher if you can prove it to me!

I love human beings in-spite of what they do to me. I really do. My love is unconditional and all-forgiving!

Strangely, I saw the same old prostitute on the street today, and she resorted to the same old dirty trick. I wonder why she wants to shack up with innocent young boys for a few hundred bucks and take away their much valued virginity. Inherent immorality! She should be consigned to hell.

A journo blocked and abused me for giving her a realistic assessment of her worth. I had no idea that a sarcastic comment can evoke so passionate a reaction. I can’t even begin to communicate how pleased I am to know that truth hurts. Didn’t expect such a tactless and unsophisticated reaction from a girl slightly older than me! It is as if a button has been pressed and she has suddenly turned helpless and neurotic.

I wanted to see this kind of reactions of hurt and amuse myself. My new experimentation is how sarcasm can work on people who are worthless to me.

It isn’t enough for yours to break because even mine is broken now!

Such childish pretensions can only be evaluated when one realizes the agony one goes through while trying to solve a third order differential equation with no knowledge whatsoever in Algebra or Trigonometry.

I used to make castles with them. It was fun, until they fell down, but then I had to do it all again which wasn’t that fun. I lied on the bed and slept even before I realized it.

I started my life with the assumption that truth is typically the exact opposite of what most people believe it to be. I am yet to be proven wrong. The brilliance and pattern recognition skills of the common man is in spotting what is wrong, clinging to it, and carrying it out to its logical conclusions. I wonder how they get it “right” all the time, but they do get it “right”!

I wonder how many sensible people have uncritically accepted the myth of the well intentioned tyrant, whether in politics, or personal life. Dishonesty is in varying degrees, shades and forms. I have known people honest enough not to accept a single penny in bribe, when they could have made hundreds of millions, but not honest enough to examine their premises or inadequacy of knowledge.

Isn’t the very popularity of democracy itself enough proof that democracy can’t work?

If you won’t use it against me, I would say that I really missed you!

I wonder why I feel nothing at at all, after a bout of overwhelming emotions. I feel blank. I no longer feel that desire. All of it is gone, it seems, for ever!

The book rests on some sophisticated notions like the invisible hand doesn’t work perfectly as of imperfect information, especially in developing countries where unfortunately, unbridled capitalism was given a free play. Such problems, of course, can only be solved by the omniscient government elected into power by all knowing masses. Dogmatic free market fundamentalists foolishly believe that market wages can cure unemployment, which is unsupported by theoretical or empirical evidence. They also believe in some “trickle-down” theory too. All this is of course, a barbarous relic, a part and parcel of 19th century economics, in which no sensible economist believes in these days. And yes, Adam Smith was a free market economists and these ideas should be rightly attributed to him. It goes without saying that IMF is a free market institution, and Stiglitz should know, as he was a Nobel Prize winner, and twenty something guys are not supposed to question. So, where lies the solution? Democracy, of course, “which aids social stability, empowers the free flow of information, and promotes a decentralized economy upon which efficient and equitable economies rely.”

The fact that a slave has a one in a billionth probability of changing his master doesn’t make his prospects bright. Nor does it make him less of a slave. I am still a slave, but not the kind of shameless slave who marches with loud hosannas behind all those contemptible wretches. I don’t volunteer for slavery, nor do I expatiate on the virtues of democracy and the omniscient wisdom of the common man.

I often hear bromides like “Freedom comes with responsibility”. Sounds good at surface. When I try to find out what they mean by responsibility, a different picture emerges. The arguments they put forward are much different. You have the freedom to move your fist, but it should stop at my nose, and such obvious stuff. No proponent of free speech disagrees with it, to the best of my knowledge.

Oh, my God! A prostitute asked me Two Hundred Rupees. I couldn’t believe it. Sex can be so cheap in Delhi! No, I wouldn’t lose my long standing virginity, to a low IQ woman!

“Natural Superiors’ are being kicked out by kids with ability, ones with an amazing head on their shoulders. Starving kids are being taken out of their idyllic surroundings and given work and food. Few die out of starvation now. Exploitation! It’s against all rules and laws!

One asked “shouldn’t we re-write the rules, reverse the laws of punishments and rewards? Pat came the reply “What is the working model of it? Where has it been put into practice? Our school has become too dirty to reverse the laws of rewards and punishments.”Either the school was too dirty, or it was too clean to reverse the laws.

The moment he finished the question, we saw her shutting his mouth and dragging him out of the class. Roll No: 36 became a permanent absentee then onwards. A School bag, water bottle, Tiffin box and that is all there is. All the rest is darkness.

Believers, you have nothing at stake. If you’re wrong, you are not at the loss and if you are right, you have the whole world to gain.

We’ll not ask what benevolence leads them to place themselves on a pedestal, seize products of others creativity & share it among all. We’ll not ask who would do which work, who would direct the whole process & who would arbitrate the disputes.

The winter sun was dappling the greenery all around him. He looked out of the window, and thought of her!


Is annoyed by the Objectivist claim that libertarians consider the Non-Aggression principle as a primary. It could be true that why non aggression principle can’t be reduced further down to fundamentals requires a complex proof, which Objectivists certainly don’t have or care for. It’s obvious that it can’t be proven that initiation of force is wrong.

To me criminals sound like remorseless Rip Van Winkle’s who know not that today is already the tomorrow they didn’t care for. Their range of planning doesn’t proceed beyond their immediate goals and hence their evasion of the fact that life is a continuous game in which they’d better be nice.

I am really surprised to hear that I am insulting. Not even once in my life did I say anything vulgar or obscene. Not even once did I use an inappropriate word. The harshest word one could hear from me is “Stupid”. I do not understand. I never understood! I once told a friend this, and she said “Yes. Precisely the reason why it hurts, and why it is insulting”.

The shallowness of many could be realizing by looking at their dismissal of Ayn Rand as just one brilliant writer who got us many recruits. As if being a brilliant writer is easier than making original contributions to the sphere of ideas. Show me another who did half as much. Just one. If only one could say that they are like the camel in the fable who takes exception for having a lump!

If someone suffers under the delusion that being a sell out or petty embezzler would gain him respectability among fools and cowards, he should make himself aware of the splendid opportunities offered by the shortage of good pimps-and it sure sounds far easier, though not for the usual reasons! Oh, one is not supposed to laugh at their faces!

Tactically, it might even make sense for a person to pretend not to notice, or even prevent the humiliation one goes through. Think of a situation in which one goes out of his way to prove that he was surprised to be terminated! It is akin to killing two birds with a shot. It won’t enrage the person, and he will think the other person knows not what happened! One can’t be more obvious! All in the name of strategy! Lol!

I do not know why. It is hard for me to sympathize with rapists. I am all for locking them up in jail and throwing the keys away. Same for “gigolos of science” and ones who do financial crimes-the smaller the crime, bigger the punishment. I won’t say as much of petty crimes. I don’t hate stupidity as such as much either.

I am always tempted to be completely honest on one issue: I am not at all bothered about whether we achieve liberty in our lifetime. I don’t give a hoot! I would like to turn everyone into superhuman angels. But, I don’t spend my time worrying when it will happen, as it won’t happen ever. Liberty might happen somewhere down the line, but not in the lifetime of anyone alive. So?

Oh, am I hurting the sentiments of some “pretty” “young” lady?

Is thinking of the words I wrote in a Birthday Greeting card some time back: “This boy doesn’t merely hope that there is justice somewhere in the world somehow to be delivered”. “What kind of a Birthday Greeting is this?”, someone must have wondered! Lol! Sometimes, euphemisms take a long time to sear into ones mind.

Someone deserves to be shown the way out of my list, as a partner in the worst kind of “promiscuity”. It is degrading for her to have me in her list too. Yet, it stays as of shamelessly self-interested reasons for her, and as a source of amusement for me! Ha! The pleasures of “social networking”!

I wonder why many democratic men think we can be freer by diluting our principles! Why do they think people won’t see through such chicanery when they are so much against underestimation of the common man who is full of wisdom? I think they should have the grace to say that it is all about money and power. And prestige-of course, only in the eyes of fools who have never known better and will never know better.

People who feel immoral ways of getting ones way works far better than the old-fashioned code of common sense, common honesty and common decency thinks the other side as being young, naive and ‘too idealistic’. It is not surprising to have them find themselves in a situation too humiliating and degrading. It is castration. I just feel sorry. I’m sick with pity. I will not wish it upon my worst enemies!

Is feeling deep respect for the prostitute who tried to buttonhole him twice on the streets of Delhi. Far more honorable, right?

Someone thinks the way I look at, and talk of molestation is cheap, including my admission that all normal men are molesters at heart. She finds every rational reason to think so. Yet, she can’t feel anything cheap when I talk and is wondering why! She is caught in a mind-heart dichotomy, perhaps!

Ayn Rand must have cut the scene in which Leo whips Kira to not being found out having irrational philosophical premises-As “irrational” sexual desires are always a result of wrong philosophical reasoning. Now, that is something I must have enjoyed, given my wickedness!

I feel frustrated when I see a lack of openness-And when I feel I am talking to a brick wall who can’t comprehend a simple thing. Deep frustration happens only in real life. Online, we can choose whom to talk to-It is not inbuilt socialization, or forced integration. If I feel frustrated, I follow this algorithm—–>”I will show you the way out of my list”—–> Unfriend——->Report/Block This Person

How is private schooling compatible with libertarianism? Private or public, schooling is 8 hours of jail sentence a day where one is forced to learn what he doesn’t like to learn ,and socialize with all those unwanted types, and all those women. And for 14 years.

Is annoyed by the argument that abortion is baby killing-that it is life. Even a lamb is a life. That doesn’t prevent them from going after them, tongues out in eager anticipation.

I would be happier if I could earn enough without leaving my bed! One person here who wants to play over-smart thinks I could have made much, much more that way if I too were a girl. Sigh! Iniquities of nature!

How many hundreds of millions of deaths would be enough for some to admit that Government is not just harmful, but necessarily fatal too? Leave out the communist slaughterhouses. If this many deaths are not fatal, how many would be fatal? And fatal for whom? For Boudreaux? In any case, why on earth is an individualist supposed to look at deaths collectively?

I hear this often: When forced to decide between religion and communism, what would you choose? I used to think that given the horror of communism, the answer is clear cut-my view that religion is the root of all evils including communism notwithstanding. I am not so sure now. Many say they are Okay with an idiot who simply prays and don’t mug or rob them like a communist does. Hardly the case, however.

Even ones like me who look down upon Valentine’s Day or any such mushy celebration, the Hindu/Islamic fundamentalist attitude towards it was unbearable. I wonder why young “libertarians” who claim Hindu’s are oppressed, suppressed and marginalized as of the left-liberal political correctness say not a word on the attacks on Christians who were always at the receiving end. Rationalization, perhaps?

Chomsky’s advice: Never look at others for guidance or advice. Follow one’s own mind. One way to look at it: See if it contradicts itself. Perfomative contradiction! I find only one way to argue out of it-To pass off one’s advice as a message, which is more of a semantic trick which can’t stand on its own merit. It’s perfectly right to look at others for guidance/advice whenever appropriate, and only then.

Like me, Rocco Stanzione too couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he read communist traitor Hayek at first. Many argue that I am exaggerating when I claim that he was a big time collectivist. I looked at the interventions he proposed at different points in his career and I wonder whether he had left out anything. If anything, I was understating. I still concede: He wasn’t an outright Socialist!

Recovering from the after-effects of a horrible, nasty dream I had last night!

Thinks he find others children unspeakably annoying. One is supposed to smile at them and entertain even if one can’t and doesn’t feel like doing any of these, and almost always that seems to be the case. It can get tiring. They have absolutely no scruples about abusing that privilege.

I have seen children manipulate-sometimes cold and calculatingly and sometimes without understanding what is going on. They do some kind of trial and error and see what works and what doesn’t and then use that strategy to the hilt. The same could be said of grownups, but they are more in a position to see themselves for what they are. Few can conceptualize their emotions and the intentions behind their behavior, whether children or adults. It is true that they are badly in need of attention and I have nothing to say against it. I won’t deny human nature, at least here!

Limited Government “libertarians” have accepted all the boiler-plate socialist arguments!

I am a good listener. I always think of something else!

Do I have the right to knock on your door, claim a share on your money and order you around, asking you to leave if you are not happy with it? No? What if I have immense mass support in the locality? If you have no claim on your property, no one else too hasn’t, irrespective of his popularity. How does the theory of social contract hold then? How does the Constitution have legitimate consent?

How fresh “No Treason-The Constitution of No Authority” by Lysander Spooner sounds even while reading after years. Loads of common sense and clarity of thought. The ostensible supporters of the constitution and social contract, as he rightly puts it, are knaves, dupes and the ones who are apathetic. Nothing impressed me more than his statement of the moral superiority of the Highway man over the tax collector!

Objectivists have been admonishing us long for taking the Non-Aggression principle as a primary-as everything should be derived from ‘A is A’, as it is the only self evident axiom. It would be safe to bet that the ‘Virtue of Selfishness’ or ‘Non-aggression principle’ can’t be derived from it-Or any basic moral premise for that matter!

All the Objectivist critiques of anarchy I have read till now are paradigms of intellectual incompetence and indecency!

Henry Louis Mencken, the greatest prose stylist of the 20th Century died this day, 55 years back! “Notes On Democracy” is the non-fiction book which I enjoyed the most. I was laughing the whole day! I never had as much fun after rejecting God. I am grateful! But, unintelligent masses do not deserve to read his books!

Thinks he has a love-hate relationship with Ayn Rand’s works.

Read an interesting article by Mugdha Karnik on her experiences in translating Atlas Shrugged to Marathi. ! I do get it! “I am this iconoclastic intellectual who analyzes the world through Objectivist tools and fights irrationality when others are corrupt mediocrities at most capable of adding two and two!”

I remember reading a blog by a liberal several months back which left an unpleasant feeling in my mind as of its total intellectual incompetence. By God’s mercy, she fell into my den by accident. Feels relieved after intellectually decimating her in so merciless a manner!

Is thoroughly enjoying a guy’s vicious attack on Indian culture, which comes across as rollicking and boisterous. Normally I have nothing but contempt for imbeciles who frequent internet forums! What I liked was the sheer simplicity and common sense in his arguments, which is precisely what is lacking in fools who sing hosannas in praise of Indian culture!

How many decades of learning would require for some “libertarians” to grasp the simple fact that the real issue is the battle between violence and co-operation and not a one percent reduction in the income tax?

Is suffering from computer related ailments for the first time in my life! My fingers are paining. Google says it is most likely the combined result of thousands of, tens of thousands of delicate, but repeated hand and finger motions, the cumulative effect of which over decades resulted in wear and tear.

Today is January 16th. Several years back, on this day, in Junior High School, I got caught writing a satire on my Maths teacher in my answer paper. Terror followed. For months I feared I will be thrown out of School. Unfortunately, I had written an anonymous letter too-Sent from a post box near my home, of course!

Is annoyed to find some spoilt brats tagged in my album. I can’t even remove such pictures! I have removed it. All of them. I can’t stand the sight of others children grinning in my album!

Finds it amusing that a libertarian journalist on whom he had a crush has a son close to his age!

I wonder why some think their actions are more than justified if it falls in line with silly scriptures written by some bigoted, naked barefoot bums thousands of years back!

Is paranoid, and fear being caught committing thought-crime!

Has strengthened his libertarian credentials and sealed the fate of democracy by reading 22 papers on the “rational irrationality” of Voters in a stretch!

Thinks he fears escalators and should add it to his long list of phobias!

In “Keynes the Man” by Murray Rothbard, Keynes is portrayed as an abysmally read, boneless, arrogant ego maniacal charlatan with a high time preference and lack of respect for Victorian values and bourgeoisie virtues.

“Murray Rothbard Vs the Philosophers” is a passionate attack on moral relativism and all forms of collectivism. I immensely enjoyed the sections where he thoroughly debunks the social democrat Hayek, where he sees him for what he is. Robert Murphy is right: Murray Rothbard can be such an intellectual bully!

Hayek can only be worse than Keynes. In any case, I don’t see any big difference between both. If one supports immigration restrictions, conscription, Social Insurance, Minimum wage laws, public work projects, moral policing, public parks, Government sanitation, government roads, coercion during emergencies, Government funded research, regulations on business, school vouchers, collective bargaining and tenure, he has supported everything that is immoral. Maybe you can say Keynes was for Govt. manipulation of money and credit when Hayek wasn’t. But this came in 1976, more than five decades after him coming across Mises’ works. So, you get an idea!

My fingers are frozen and I can barely type! The very thought of touching myself with my hands scares me, as it would send a cold sensation throughout my body! I am not sure I am liking this! It’s winter and it doesn’t really make me happy!

Nothing annoys me than the sight of an atheist arguing with a theist. I wonder why people feel so compelled to debunk something so idiotic and prove something so obvious!

Is feeling so happy that he has figured out an easy to way to ferret out Ayn Rand-ian literature from Gigapedia. He just searched for her sycophant Leonard Peikoff and all the books he hadn’t seen before were listed!

All uncultured, uncivilized barbarians must be getting drunk now. I morally denounce them. Lazy drunkards will never do well in the long run. Hope reality will take care of them perfectly!

The state going away means the absence of plush academic jobs far removed from the hustle and bustle of harsh reality. It also means a lifetime of scholarship becomes an academic issue, and that I can no longer denounce, poke fun and sneer at court jesters and their executors. It means I can no longer feel morally and intellectually superior. It’s a sad thought. A depressing thought. Above all, a scary thought!

Is nearly in “tears” after having gone through a Greeting card sent by a long-lost friend of mine. I had completely lost touch with her. Who said “non-bleeding heart libertarians” like me don’t have a “heart”? Not true at all! Believe me, Simple introspection tells me otherwise! It has systematic biases against and hence is not spacious enough for non-intellectual, low IQ “men” though!

When one upholds the notion that one should love everybody and that one should love unconditionally, he is simply revealing his secret desire for unearned appreciation. The outcome of such a desire is not as confined as people usually think. Volumes could be written on mans desire for unconditional love and his granting of the same-And it ought to be written in the very blood shed in that name.

Hayek can only be worse than Keynes. We have even more reasons to think that he knew what he was talking about as Von Mises was his teacher. In any case, I don’t see any big difference between both. If one supports immigration restrictions, conscription, Social Insurance, Minimum wage laws, public work projects, moral policing, public parks, Government sanitation, government roads, coercion during emergencies, Government funded research, regulations on business, school vouchers, collective bargaining and tenure, he has supported everything that is immoral. Maybe you can say Keynes was for Govt. manipulation of money and credit when Hayek wasn’t. But this came in 1976, more than five decades after he coming across Mises’ works. So, you get an idea!

People do not understand that there were two Hitlers-Hitler the mass murderer, and Hitler the sweet man who was kind to his dog. Both overlapped, but were never the same!

What is wrong with secession in any case? It is nauseating to see sycophants of the Indian state being so touchy about any criticism of it! Once you have opposed secession, you have conceded the legitimacy of the state!

Is going crazy over the uncompromising anti-slavery writings of William Lloyd Garrison. I wonder why I had never read him before. Not many have written words so full of power and passion. It couldn’t have been done without burning extraordinary energy and talent which only a few possess. He was truly a hero!

Oh, my God. Some drive you crazy with their stupidity. You are compelled to break it down further and further till one has reached the point where it can’t be broken down further. Frustration at times has nothing to do with misanthropy. At times one just feels helpless. I never really appreciated the joke that an average girl here has a very low IQ. I stand corrected! I deserve compassion and monetary compensation.

Bryan Caplan: In my experience, humble people are sheep. They aren’t curious about the world; instead, they look to other people for guidance. Their inner voice taunts, “What makes you think you’re so special?” Bob Murphy: Now I understand why Bryan never corrects his frequent mistakes that I point out.

No sight so unpleasant as that of a dumb little teenager. They do look like the ones who would make me want to run for the hills!

Reread Michael Huemer’s “Ethical Intuitionism”. Huemer, along with Scott Ryan played a significant role in weakening the hold of the Church Of Randroidism on me. The stating of differences between the moral premises of both, I think is for at least some part, a matter of product differentiation. I’m not sure I’m fully convinced how (even if admittedly rare) differences in intuitions could be satisfactorily resolved.

Is grasping so many interesting things a priori!

Has proven to himself that formal education is a private good and public bad. One is typically better off going to college, all things equal. The world is better off if no one went to college! My friend Jennifer Tite is making the world better off. So did my online friend and hero, Mahesh Murthy who deserves praise, not just for his altruism, but for his calls to follow the thorny path of self-sacrifice.

Nothing “turned me on” in the recent past than these words of a young lady: “We, the people are up against our governments. And this is war. And this is the only war, we want to be part of. Although we have been fighting this war for long, it’s time it gathered momentum.” Only that she hates Capitalism more than the state! Ha!

Is thinking that he would have felt gratitude towards God if he were religious, for being born in an unspeakably idiotic horror chamber he can poke fun at!

Done with Bryan Caplan ‘s yet to be published “Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids”. He’s right, if his research is reliable. Parents don’t matter in the long run, typically. Easy to accept when one considers the fact that these studies were done on middle class families in the first world. Feels pride in the fact that this nerd was born, not made. Much left unanswered though! Felt the book was too short for me.

“Crooks rob banks because that’s where the money is.” Gary Becker proved it, and I am convinced and enlightened. He was a great man who found Economics in everything.

Feels proud to know that even if a child born to me is raised by a conservative idiot, he will most probably hate religion and immigration restrictions as passionately. He will most likely support abortion too. Such is the power of my atheist libertarian genes!

Is wondering why it is wrong to pronounce value judgments if there are no objective values at all. If an economist should hold that science should be value free, he should accept the hidden assumption that truth is a value. Why can’t one pronounce arbitrary value judgments if truth is not a value ? Surely, the value-free approach is a short cut to arbitrary value judgments, not as an inconsistency, but by implication.

Study after study confirms the intuitively plausible fact that low IQ people are more violent and brutish. It is bad enough if one is annoyingly stupid. How bad is it when they are likely to beat you up too if they feel they can get away with it? One more reason to hate them from the bottom of my heart!

Is hated being continuously told that I am unbearable. Being the down to earth, polite, modest, brilliant, wise person I am, how could I know that I am unbearable if that is the case? I do not understand. You are free to remove me from your list.

More undecided than ever. My agreement with much of Objectivism’s bizarre conclusions are not enough to call myself an Objectivist, nor are my disagreements enough to reject Rand as a thinker. Same is true of most of what I have been into, from Austrian Economics to nature-nurture debate, and even beginning to resolve it will take a hell of a lot of time.

I am a sad man today as the future of liberty sounds bleak when most libertarians are vigorously undercutting the foundations of liberty even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. A libertarian psychotherapist is essential to root out collectivist tendencies from the ones innately predisposed to falsehood.

Is irked by the Randroid claim that every honest person will end up being an Objectivist. Perhaps Ayn Rand was the most honest person ever lived and before her there was no such thing a honesty as Objectivism came into being with she creating it de novo.

Has still not understood what pseudo-biological notions like “survival of man qua man” means other than that one is in big trouble if one doesn’t act according to what is required for it, and one would better fall in line, or else!

Is turned on after reading a journalist’s tirade on class struggle and how the elitist middle class oppresses, suppresses and marginalizes the majority lower classes. She’s older than me, but looks hot enough! Well, as far as I am concerned, that is.

In “The Constitution Of Liberty” (1960), Hayek wrote that it is not only politically impractical, but undesirable to leave monetary affairs to the spontaneous forces of the market. He wrote it nearly four decades after first coming across the works of Mises. I won’t believe that it took more than five decades to get this obvious thing into his head.

We’re not living in an Utopia, and that’s precisely why one shouldn’t vote. If we lived in a perfect Utopia where we could change the outcome and we had the knowledge to do so, voting would have made a lot of sense. When we could neither change the outcome nor have any specialized knowledge to do so, it makes a hell of a lot of sense to not vote. In fact, it is an obligation for the politically naive to not vote.

I feel really sorry for simple minded “Objectivists” who reject brilliant critics like Scott Ryan simply because of theism. I am an atheist since the age of 10, but I don’t think it matters even if a philosopher believes in Santa Claus, if he is sound in other matters. Contra Ryan, I think Ayn Rand was a brilliant writer, had many interesting things to say and many of her “outlandish” claims are by and large correct.

Ayn Randian heroes, as anyone who reads her will shortly see, are very strange creatures indeed. Hence her whole philosophy is worthless. Q.E.D.

Two Sapiosexual girls are talking abstract philosophy, to impress, perhaps. Not surprisingly, I am not!

Today is the Birthday of Henry Hazlitt, the most eminent economic journalist ever. How unfair is the fact that he is known as the author of “Economics In One Lesson”? To me, “Failure Of The New Economics” appeared more impressive than any work in Economics I have ever read. His critique of Keynes was merciless to the point that his most fanatical enemy would be sick with pity for Keynes when he is done!

Is reading “Game Theory at Work in Economics” which teaches you how to control your wild teen-aged daughter who you fear will become pregnant.

It is my strong conviction that if you give a copy of “Bureaucracy” by Von Mises to all bureaucrats, tell them to read, think it over and come back after a year to find out what happened after that, it would be seen that the ones who left their jobs would be close to non-existent. Now, talk of idealism!

I am reading one old obituary with great pleasure! It is that of my class teacher in VIth Standard.

Your behavior is far from being the norm. I thank God for that!

I would have had much, much more respect for you if you were stupid!

I feel like turning to communism when I read most “libertarians”!

Someone bought a cute puppy in the house where I stay. It would often come near my bed, climb up my blanket and try to touch my hand. I don’t see it these days!

Feels strange that what is said with good will can hurt people. Sometimes the medicine tastes bitter. But you got to swallow it.

One should make sure that he can recite the Non-Aggression principle word by word , with a clear idea of what he is talking about. This is of utmost importance if one wants to make sense when he is talking on specific issues, instead of sounding like an idiot.

But democracy states that a government is established by the people for the people. Isn’t it?

Finally, after half a decade of search, I got hold of a copy of “Judgment Day” by Nathaniel Branden. It reminded me of the introduction to Sam Vaknin’s “Malignant Self Love” which described the behavior of a narcissistic person, which then, I felt like an accurate description of Ayn Rand’s behavior. I wonder whether the author knew anything of her life. Each and every line in Judgment day, proves my intuitions right.

I mean, how stupid can girls on the internet be? They will believe and take literally almost anything you say, however ridiculously exaggerated it might be! All one would have intended must be to amuse himself at their expense!

It is quite possible that your cat speaks better Hindi than me. So could you please do a good translation job for me?

It should be obvious that the ones who often talk of the virtue of love, forgiveness, and being non-judgmental want such treatment when it is least deserved.

I know it, but I can’t feel it!

They took away my earth. Gigapedia, my biggest source of E-Books is down for some time by now. I am weeping here. Is there any better alternative?

Narcissism, the malignant self-love, is one of the subjects which I have a lifelong interest in, as I am narcissistic in some ways. I didn’t pursue it for a long time, but for some reason I was going through Sam Vaknin’s “Narcissism Book of Quotes”. Each and every quote describes a person perfectly. I was able to see through every narcissist I had dealt with before, quickly. Strangely, I failed here.

Doesn’t know what he should do when he feels incommunicable, child-like happiness!

Is libertarian property theory intuitive? To me, it isn’t. To any libertarian I have talked to, who is not familiar with certain moral arguments, it isn’t. Some even argue for the other side! I see no way in which libertarian property theory could be derived from non-aggression principle. Could someone enlighten me?

I have never understood Calhoun’s argument that ‘Democracy is not majority rule!”.If not, what? If in a democracy, power is derived from people, and if people doesn’t mean majority, what on earth does that mean? An elite minority? Certainly, they wouldn’t want that. Hence the introduction of the naive Utopian concept of limited Government, which they think, can function irrespective of majority will!

Donald Boudreaux is awesome! Interventionism is not necessarily fatal, though harmful. Even statist tyranny is not necessarily fatal, as the ones slaughtered in the 20th century were slightly above 250 million, which doesn’t come anywhere near the ones who walked on the earth in that period. So, doesn’t really matter, does it? Most of us turned out well, and wasn’t affected in any big way. We can easily shrug it off!

Wonders whether any limited Government statist has really understood the arguments against central planning. They haven’t, for sure, and I wonder whether many of them ever will.

I feel so happy when others are put through the same hell I went through. Eternal bliss! Believe me, it is not sadism. It is compassion.

A really funny letter-Dear Shanu,

I must thank you very much for your friend request. I think it’s really, truly awesome that we have the same love of homeschooling. I do genuinely appreciate your request. I do wish you all the best. I do also think its “neato” that we do have so much ideologically in common. But I feel it would be inappropriate.

Have a fabulous day!


I see many idiots pushing for compulsory voting. I can’t even begin to communicate how they make me sick. I have never voted, and never will, unless someone interesting comes up. Why should I waste half a day on something in which I can’t change the outcome in any case? I wonder why these brutes think they are entitled to order me around.

Is really sick and depressed! Wondering whether it is a rational depression or irrational depression, as in neither case biology nor real life happenings enter. It might be that there is something terribly wrong with my philosophical premises. Got to check my reason.

I added a hard core socialist to my list some time back, as I can daily read his status messages and have a good laugh!

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is the darling of all liberal whiners from times immemorial. It is the cry of an elitist who wants them to remain the same forever.

Pick the flaw: For Non-Objectivists-1) Selfishness means lots of nasty things 2) Ayn Rand believed in Selfishness. 3) Therefore she believed in many nasty things. For Objectivists-1) Rand held that Altruism implies that service to others is the only justification of one’s existence. 2) Many philosophers held that Altruism is a virtue 3) Hence, it’s proven that these philosophers held no self-respecting view of man.

Take a wild guess-Who wrote these words? Who has a irrational desire for the unearned? “That idea of hardships being good for character and of talent always being able to break through is an old fallacy. Talent alone is helpless today. Any success requires both talent and luck. And the “luck” has to be helped along and provided by someone.”

Premise 1: Human Body is a scarce resource. Premise 2: We have property rights in our body. Conclusion: There should be property rights in all scarce resources. Now, does the conclusion follow from the premises?

I wonder why it is difficult to accept that Life is good is an evaluative premise. The argument that no values are possible without life further begs the question. One would have to prove that one’s choices are good. Further, if life is good simply because it makes all values possible, one can as well argue that these values are the ultimate end. This is an infinite regress.

One quick question. Imagine that Capitalism would bring about material prosperity, psychological well being, brotherly love and everything men can wish for. But, just one problem-It entails a Hoppean contradiction! Would you still support Capitalism?

I’ve problems understanding what Rand meant by her statement that altruism’s the basis of collectivism. Does it mean that people support collectivism out of altruism? Now, it’s obvious that a large part of the people want to live off others. Does it mean that that collectivism institutionalizes altruism? One could as well say that it institutionalizes plunder! What is so altruistic about plunder?

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