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Mencken On Writers

So she pays $3 down on a second-hand typewriter, and proceeds to enrich the national literature.

“Most beginning authors are attracted to the trade of letters, not because they have anything apposite or exigent to say, but simply because it seems easy. Let us imagine an ambitious young girl, turned out of the public high-school down the street with good marks in English—That in the sort of literary composition practiced and admired by School-Ma’am’s. She is disinclined to follow her mother too precipitately into the jaws of hollow monogamy, or in all events, she shrinks from marrying such a clod as her father is, and as her brothers and male classmates will be tomorrow. What to do? The professions demand technical equipment. Commerce is sordid. The secretary, even of a rich and handsome man, must get up at 7:30 a.m. Most of the fine arts are regarded, by her family as immoral. So she pays $3 down on a second-hand type-writer, lays in a stock of copy paper, and proceeds to enrich the national literature. So, a hundred thousand coronas rattle and jingle in ten thousand remote and lonely towns, and the mail of every magazine editor in America is as heavy as the mail of a radio star.”-The Mencken Chrestomathy

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