Manu Joseph Quits The Open Magazine

erectile-dysfunction-linked-to-heart-risk-L-b8lKYFHehe. I heard that Manu Joseph resigned from the Open Magazine. I am just hoping that Anu is not crying because Manu was kicked out. This boy will pray for her. Evolutionary psychologists observe that married men tend to have erectile dysfunction when this happens.

I still love these blog posts of mine:

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Post Script: But, I understand that editors have to do such bad things and take kicks from their bosses to keep their jobs, to provide for their families. I appreciate that. But, as a side note, I will just say that a Magazine paid me only when its female staff read a status update of mine: “Will the editors who leak drafts send in their mothers to their bosses, to keep their jobs?” That did it for them. I refuse to tell you which Magazine this is. People have to feel bad only if they think that this is true of them.

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