Lame Detractors

Some amusing comments I found below my last Open Magazine article on the “development model” of Kerala. (On the evils of incoherence, of course.):

“I always wondered what gibberish would look like. Thanks to Mr. Shanu Athiparambath, I just saw one. But this is Shanu Athiparambath, what else should anyone expect? He has always been a hardcore capitalist with little or no regard for any other world view. He is even a climate change denier for heaven’s sake. How such a deeply irrational person was given the opportunity to write this piece for a reputed magazine like Open? I was so close to subscribing Open Magazine. But with articles like these, that would have been a big mistake. Good bye Open.”

“The article is a good example for any student to define incoherence. What was the author trying to say? It looks like Open is not getting the best writers to write for them. Couldn’t you find any one better? How can you take the reader for granted? Are you filling in pages with these childish writers? Better pull your act or lose us readers for good. Are you listening?”

“This article lacks the intellectual depth and takes help of rampant generalizations to take home its supposed point. Total and utter gibberish.”

“To the editor (If any) : There’s a reason I visit Open and not TOI, India Today and their ilk, but looks like that reason is fast fading.”

“The critique is highly flawed. You’ve wasted precious media space and our time! Nothing more to say.”

“I can only suggest this. The article was so addled and lacking in any coherence that I wondered if you can do with better and more rigorous editors.”

(Yes, rigorous editors)

A Confederacy Of Dunces


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