Introspection Fails The Ordinary

Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences.

After reading my blog, narrow-minded people often ask me: “Why did you write this? I miss the purpose.” They are not necessarily semi-literates. They are not necessarily idiots. Sometimes they are editors, or people who call themselves writers. But, they just don’t get it. 

There are some obvious truths about writing that people often miss:

  • The most challenging and the most rewarding aspect of writing is the writing process itself.
  • The only reason why people should write is that they just cannot help speaking their mind. 
  • People should write what they want to write, in the most beautiful, and the most uncompromising manner possible. It is very hard. It kills.

It is very hard to convince people here, because it is  introspection that fails them. They are like the 19 year old boy in the house in Dwarka I once lived in. He used to ask me: “Why do you read these books? I do not understand how this is fun.”

Once I heard a Television anchor saying that it is naive to think that Taslima Nasrin is courageous because she wrote about the uncle who had raped her. He is not alone. I am sure that if these pseudo-intellectuals move out of their bubble, they will have even more company. What makes them angry is not that her uncle raped her, but the fact that she wrote about it. People are wolves. This is true of almost everyone, except a small minority of people who do not have any secret shame within. I am not exaggerating. I need not.

This explains why we often hear this from people:

“You should not criticize people.”

“It is a horrible marketing strategy to attack democracy by saying that the common man is an idiot.”

“You should not question the intentions of people.”

“Your writing should not be so black-and-white.”

“This is an elitist position.”

“It is evil to claim that most people are stupid.”

“You should not talk about gender and racial differences. We are all people.”

But, these “moral commandments” are a denial of many obvious truths like:

“Most people deserve harsh criticism. The fact that people discourage this is enough proof that it really matters to them. It is their pettiness that makes them too sensitive to it.”

” The common man is an idiot. Denying this won’t make him smarter.”,

“Most people have questionable intentions.”

“There are black-and-white stories.,”,

“The pursuit of truth is fundamentally elitist.”

“Most people are pretty effing stupid.”

“Gender and racial differences do exist and much of it is innate. Sciences had proven this long, long ago. It is pettiness to deny this. It is a fraud to wear the garb of nobility, and say “We are all people” when this bothers people to the point that an open debate makes them uncomfortable.”

All this means that people are not truly comfortable with many important aspects of reality. They have no respect for the truth. They have no respect for reality. I have no doubt that there are many unpleasant reasons behind this. But, if you have preconceived notions about what is acceptable discourse and what is not, the life of an intellectual is not meant for you. It is as simple as that.

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