What If Tharoor Had Tweeted This?

Sunanda Pushkar was found dead a day after she accused her husband of cheating on her on twitter. A smarty on Facebook said this: “If you can’t commit to a person, don’t. If you do, stand by your word. In solidarity with the innumerable betrayed women of the world.”

I, of course, do not know the facts of the matter. But, it is believed that a man who cheats on his wife is judged not as harshly as a woman who cuckolds her husband. To know whether this is true, imagine what would have been the response of men and women if Sashi Tharoor had tweeted this:

I do not care about that, but does a man have to berate me to do that? If my wife wants to be with him, I will be the last one to stop.

Sadly, she is one of those soft people who cannot say no.

Absolutely a man obsessed by another woman who is an Indian wife!

Sadly, it is not the woman; It is the man who hit on a woman when the husband is under treatment. How gross.

I want solidarity from my Indian friends to stop following him on Twitter. There are good Pakistanis, and then there are people like him.

Guys, BTW, this is a personal affair. Why is it news? All you have achieved is having him telling lies. His 5 minutes of fame. I have all the bbm.

Not just that. I have his bbms to various other women in 2013. I am ashamed to call him a man.

I have all his emails and bbms to my wife. I don’t lie.

Leave us Indians alone. Stop talking to my wife, and pleading with her. It is degrading. Respect yourself as a man.

The audacity of a man desperately in love with an Indian woman. “Please Sunanda, don’t make me go. I pleaded and begged. I love you, Sunanda”

Indians who have dignity unfollow him. Aare there no people in Pakistan? Men who are desperately after the wives of other women. SHAME

Instead of feeling sympathy for Tharoor, they would laugh.

PS: I have always wondered about this guy. He received his PhD at the age of 23, and was a high-ranking UN official before he became a politician. He is also well known as an Indian writer in English, though not a particularly good one. He is more good looking than most movie stars, even at the age of 57. Women must have chased him.

Now, people are questioning the mental stability of this lady. But, this is a very normal reaction to infidelity, when you have a life threatening disease, and is in immense pain. If this is true, that is. The stress is enough to wreck someone even if you are perfectly healthy. Not surprisingly, Tharoor is hospitalized now after a cardiac arrest. I do not know whether he faked it, but men find it much harder to recover when their partners die. They are ten times more likely than women to kill themselves when their spouse dies.

I think if it is proven that Tharoor was indeed having a physical relationship, the media might call him a sex maniac.

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