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I Would Still Prefer Her

Andrea Jeremiah Hot Photoshoot PicsPatrick French, on V S Naipaul:

“This is somebody for whom the act of creation, the act of writing,  is always the most important thing in his life. Hence, he is willing to sacrifice anybody and anything, if he thinks it is going to push him further to becoming a great writer. So every relationship is subordinated to that, every friendship tends to be cut off and people seem to disappear from his life. If you say the relationship with Margaret, his lover for twenty-four years is very disturbing, it is probably the most disturbing thing of all I had to face when writing the book. Sexually charged and physically violent but despite that she wants the relationship to continue. One of the most disturbing things is that she has every opportunity to break off the relationship but she comes back all the way from Argentina to England to be with him in order to be mistreated. That is something very unhappy and disturbing about that part.”

I do not understand this. Naipaul is very much on the top of his profession. Perhaps, she did not want to leave him. This is not much of a puzzle. Why is it not probable, even obvious that she genuinely preferred Naipaul to the loser next-door? I prefer Andrea Jeremiah to an average woman. Even if Andrea Jeremiah mistreats me, I would still prefer her to an ordinary woman. Seriously.


  1. Vijay

    Yes, very well said. It should be obvious but it is not. Most of our lives are spent trying to prove the obvious. But, I approved of French’s biography of Naipaul. Have you read it?

    Also, this girl is delightful.

  2. Henry Mencken Author

    Thanks. No. I am yet to read it. It is so obvious, but people deny it so much that people have to be told that this is true.

    “The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” ? Sherlock Holmes.

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