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I Stand By Deepika Padukone

Finding Fanny?
Finding Fanny?

“Yes! I am a man. I love breasts. I stare and share. You got a problem! Don’t talk about patriarchal culture if you do not know how to respect men!”

If the Times Of India reporter had said this to Deepika Padukone, would the twitterati have said, “I stand with the Times Of India reporter”?

The truth is that men’s right to stare and share has the same moral status as Deepika Padukone’s right to flaunt her boobs. A truly liberal society would recognize and celebrate both. But, the Indian society celebrates only Deepika Padukone’s rights, not that of the innocent men who love to see her boobs. Isn’t that mean?


Why are many Indians selectively liberal? Perhaps because the mass media, universal education and popular literature have created a minority that can at best memorize, mouth and repeat cue words.

But, I suspect this is a clever trick to get people to see her new movie, “Finding Fanny”. But, Finding Fanny? (Good God!)


“When I see condemnation of the journalistic standards of “The Times of India” filling my newsfeed, a question posed by Gail Wynand whose media empire spread like bubonic plague comes back to me: “Do you think it took no talent to create the Banner?”

Sameer Jain’s Times Of India And Gail Wynand’s New York Banner

And: Gail Wynand And The Times Of India


  1. Bobby Paul

    I agree that men have the right to stare and share. But that should be confined to him closed peer group on WhatsApp or social media, not on a leading daily ‘ s entertainment section.

    The right to share can be agreed within people you know. Why would anyone be concerned about a stranger’s lust on cleavages or fannys for that matter? 😀

  2. Karthik

    Mr. Bobby Paul you don’t know what you are saying….Deepika is in entertainment business, and media has every right to report on her…..and Times of India is not manufacturing photographs…this was what she wore….Deepika has no right to take moral high ground…India is truly a banana country.

  3. Bobby Paul

    Karthik a shot from that angle would extract cleavage no matter what she wore. And guys including me who like to see it ; have other platforms where we can choose what to see and whose!

    My argument was why publish it on a daily and make it news? Anyone who’s seen her movies have seen most of it already! What’s news in that with an ‘OMG’ caption?

  4. my my nerdie. Atleast you’d get all the attention you envy Deepika’s alone been hogging. all the drama’l not get you too far with trp though.
    bobby- let it go, man.

  5. Esteban

    If you put your boobs on a platter and serve them to the general populace, you lose the right to complain that they’re being seen. If you make yourself attractive, you lose the right to complain about attracting.

  6. Balan

    If Deepika shows her cleavage, who decides it gives men the right to stare at her boobs in imagination. It clearly is an invasion of privacy. How to dress and how not to dress is one’s choice and right. Male sexual fantasies has no place in it.

  7. Phi Meson

    What a load of crap! If you don’t have anything worth writing, please don’t pick a silly worthless piece of junk as a topic to debate. It deteriorates the quality of this website.

  8. chiku

    So a picture from an awkward angle which zooms into someone cleavage with a demeaning headline starting with OMG is really praise worthy to you right?You seems that kind of people who posts their sister’s cleavage on fb and start discussion with your friend “OMG!!! look at my sister’s cleavage.Instead of deepika’s moral ur moral should be questioned.

  9. Bobby Paul says:
    September 15, 2014 at 4:50 pm
    I agree that men have the right to stare and share. But that should be confined to him closed peer group on WhatsApp or social media, not on a leading daily ‘ s entertainment section. ////// then she better show off her breasts or cleavage alone. Not on big screen 😛

  10. Deepika has no right to talk about respect for women in this case because she is the one who doing erotic item dances to attract male audience. She is ready to sell her ‘breasts and cleavage’ we’ve seen that times before. I’m ‘finding fanny’ 😛

  11. You seriously can’t think beyond this? Did your mother breastfeed you? Do you know that breasts are life? You and the rest of mankind would be nowhere without the nourishment that comes from a woman, like your mother’s breasts. When a man works out and wears a tight shirt he’s lauded, and yes women stare in admiration at his physique, but newspapers and society do not condemn you. You do not have to fight off the tag of being a “slut” or “skank”. You get to roam around freely, shirtless even!! A woman does not have the luxury to roam around shirtless. Yet you who have done nothing other than plant your seed in a woman feel like you have the ability to dictate what she can or cannot feel proud of. If I have big breasts and wish to enhance them by wearing an amazingly cut figure fitting gown, yes I’ll presume that a man or two may look. I do not however think that a leading newspaper should zoom in from an above angle, cut off my face, objectify me and then say “OMG, check out XYZ’s CLEAVAGE SHOW”.

  12. Deepika makes Money by flaunting Her B(.)(.)s..Times Of India makes Money By Sharing Same pair of Boobs..& You’re getting visitors by that Old Boobs..& I’m commenting here thinking Same Boobs again..and all people come here think only 1 thing..No infact 2..those Pair of Boobs..!

  13. Ameet

    Well! It seems like instead of Finding Fanny, someone tried to find Sunny! Why isn’t she supporting Deepika anyway??? Oh! Right! She’s the most decent actress in Bollywood right???

  14. WTF did I just read??
    Her reply wasn’t directed at men…but a publishing house that is responsible for serving informed news…not videos of women cleavages, thats downright shameful and deteriorating to media or intellect for that matter.

  15. mikelorrey

    Actually, the PROPER equivalent behavior by men of her tweets is Anthony Weiners posting pictures of his penis to women over his smartphone.

  16. Anonymous

    jo 1 cror main kiss de sakti……………usse in baato se aaj park pad ra……aap kehngai uski marji uski body….to hum kehngai hamri marji hmari aankhai………………..

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