9780141190266I sent this to an intelligent fellow. That dude blocked me. I do not know why because I am a gentleman, and a gentleman does not insult anyone intentionally. Do not ask me who. I’d just say that it is NOT Madhavan of the Open Magazine. This was the message:

Have you read Mencken? You’d probably love this quote of Mencken:

“Around every bachelor of more than thirty-five legends tend to congregate, chiefly about the causes of his celibacy. If it is not whispered that he is damaged goods, and hence debarred from marriage by a lofty concept of Service to the unborn, it is told under the breath that he was insanely in love at the age of twenty-six with a beautiful creature who jilted him for an insurance underwriter and so broke his heart beyond repair. Such tales are nearly always moonshine. The reason why the average bachelor of thirty-five remains a bachelor is really very simple. It is, in brief, that no ordinarily attractive and intelligent woman has ever made a serious and undivided effort to marry him.”

He is brilliant. A great prose stylist. I love this quote of his. But then, this is not quite true. Perhaps a 30 year old spinster wouldn’t mind, right? Bound together by a common method, and a common shame. 😀 Like the crippled heroine in the Glass Menagerie. As I said, Mencken is a brilliant prose stylist. You can take my words at face value because I do not hide my contempt when I see a man of 40 whose prose is pathetic.

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