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Fun Quotes On Asperger

“Ha. Any time a child in public schools doesn’t vie for the attention of other students and their teachers like some slobbering golden retriever, they are “diagnosed” with Asperger’s Syndrome. I say it is no sign of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Besides, read “100 Voices” and you will discover Ayn Rand was much warmer in person than she could allow in her public persona. You try being attacked by the media every time you give a speech and see if you are the nicest person in the world. Also, please do not take my comment about golden retrievers to be a slight against their character. They are dogs. They should be that way.”-Anarcho-Capitalist

“Howard Roark is certainly an unusual specimen. To my eyes he displays many of the symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome: an inability to understand the swirl of social life around him underlies his lack of respect for it, and his essential loneliness lingers through to the end of the book even as his circumstances change. Thankfully we have Asperger’s in our mental map, or Roark would be totally unbelievable. It’s fortunate we can humanise Roark with autism.”- Leroy Schaeffler

 “Sooner or later, any thinker with intellectual integrity is called an Aspie. This is unfair to the many non-Aspies with high integrity.” –Bryan Caplan

“If Libertarianism is applied Autism, then Citizenism is applied Antisocial Personality Disorder.”-Evan

“I mean, if you don’t go talk to an expert but just gloss over a list of symptoms, what you learn is that people with Asperger’s “lack inborn social skills,” “may not understand a joke,” “avoid eye contact,” “may feel ‘different’ from others,” “find it frustrating and emotionally draining to try to fit in” and “are typically uninterested in following social norms, fads or conventional thinking, allowing creative thinking and the pursuit of original interests and goals.” You know who is going to latch onto that? Every goddamn teenager in the world (and many adults). The beauty (or horror) of Web research these days means that anyone who feels like “I’ve always known there was something different about me” can google up a list of symptoms or an Internet quiz, and diagnose themselves. No one can call you rude for talking about your Transformers collection for two hours straight during someone else’s farewell party. You have a condition! There’s no cure! So other people need to learn what you mean when you make incomprehensible jokes that vaguely sound like insults, instead of you learning to make jokes in a way other people understand.”-Christina H.

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