Food Security: At Whose Expense

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  1. “When some people are provided with food, healthcare, education and work, some unfortunate beings are forced to provide for them. Nothing is more unjust than that.”

    I agree completely! “When some people are provided with” the means to restrict other’s access to the necessities of life and therefore to also coerce them into wage labor, a system that functions by paying workers less than the actual value of their work, in order to acquire a wealth of “food, healthcare, education, and work,” “nothing is more unjust than that.”

    “The wealth of the rich should belong to them, as long as they earn it rightfully.”

    Sure! But first, please explain how wealth, in any form, can be attained “rightfully”?

    “The Government has no legitimate rights over the property of the citizens of the country over which it governs.”

    Exactly my friend! Property, or the rights of individuals to use, restrict the use, and also destroy materials should not be tampered with by the government. The only problem is that such “rights” can only exist if they are backed by force, like that which a state provides. Therefore, if the state “has no legitimate rights over the property of the citizens” it would have no authority to establish property rights to begin with. Thus the right to private property, which must be granted by a state, is really just the state allowing certain individuals to access its property, for as long as it so chooses.

    Libertarians are right to question the state, but assume to much about the concepts they use to rationalize inequality on moral grounds.

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