Every Clever Update

Every clever update is a trap.

“I should inform the editor who cut my best passages of the broad opportunities offered by the oldest profession on earth.” When I post this as an update on Facebook, people react hysterically. Why? What is going on?

An American writer blocked me after saying that I am a bigot who hates women. But, did I even say that the editor is a woman? No. Even if it is true that the editor is a woman, does it follow that I hate women? No. I was writing about someone who did something that is very wrong. If people are not truly sexist, they would know that the least important factor in all this is her gender.

But, why does it matter to them so much?  They see a reflection of themselves in her. When people indentify with someone, the facts of reality do not matter to them anymore. They have their judgment in their minds.

An interesting argument I hear is that there is nothing wrong with prostitution, and that I should check my premises. Only a bad boy would call someone a prostitute, they say. But, if this is true, this just means that I just gave her a compliment that she does not deserve. A prostitute trades value for value. If there is nothing wrong with prostitution, why should anyone lose their temper if I am talking about a profession that is as legitimate as any?

But, all this is based on the assumption that the oldest profession on earth is prostitution. Now, is it even plausible that the oldest profession on earth is prostitution? Even if it is true that I know nothing about human history, I would say that it is not. It can’t be. A prostitute has to trade sex for goods or money. Money is just a piece of paper or bullion or coin that acts merely as a substitute for goods. The existence of prostitution presupposes the existence of goods. The existence of goods presupposes the existence of other professions. In other words, the underlying assumption is wrong. To “paraphrase” a character in Tennessee William’s “The Glass Menagerie”, “Every clever update is a trap.”

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