butterfly-sleeping-croppedThe-Cute-Girl-That-Fashionably-Sleeps-So-Little is an Aspie, as I had suspected. She admitted. How do I know? A few days ago, when I was traveling in the bus, I was thinking about amusics. Amusics have no taste for music. Milton Friedman, Freud, Nabokov, and Che Guevera are good examples. Nabokov once said that his most painful experience while teaching at Cornell was that once when he was in the library, a student was listening to classical music, from his transistor radio. When Nabokov asked him to stop, he said that there was no one in the room, and that the he has kept the volume really low. Nabokov said, “But, I am here.”

I, then, remembered that The-Cute-Girl-That-Fashionably-Sleeps-So-Little once called the police because “Loud Sangeet” was coming from her neighbor’s house. Why should a shy girl call the police because someone was listening to “Loud Sangeet”? I do not know whether this fits, but Yvain has a very good explanation. On his roommate:

“I can’t deal with noise. If someone’s being loud, I can’t sleep, I can’t study, I can’t concentrate, I can’t do anything except bang my head against the wall and hope they stop. I once had a noisy housemate. Whenever I asked her to keep it down, she told me I was being oversensitive and should just mellow out. I can’t claim total victory here, because she was very neat and kept yelling at me for leaving things out of place, and I told her she needed to just mellow out and you couldn’t even tell that there was dust on that dresser anyway. It didn’t occur to me then that neatness to her might be as necessary and uncompromisable as quiet was to me, and that this was an actual feature of how our minds processed information rather than just some weird quirk on her part.”

I then connected this with my earlier observation about her:

The Cute-girl-that-fashionably-sleeps-so-little is the only decent person that I had worked with. She is a girl who sits at her desk staring at the computer as if she is focused on her work, and work alone. Once when I was in the canteen I saw her standing so straight so that I can throw my coke can away. She once said that she cried in High School, and that she used to memorize the things she had to tell her friends.  She did not like school because she did not like being with stupid people. She never attended a function in the office, and said that she likes to have her lunch alone. For months, I did not know that we worked in the same floor. I saw her for the first time when she replied to something the boy who sits behind me asked, while she was near the bureau. I thought, “This boy’s network sure is too big.” When I told her that I did not know that we worked in the same floor, she just sent a smiley. 🙂


Post Script: It was Krishnapriya who named her, “The Cute-girl-that-fashionably-sleeps-so-little”. When I once told Krishnapriya that there are people who like my blog, and that this girl once told me that I should write more and more blog posts, and that my newspaper stories can wait, Krishnapriya asked, “So, you told her that I do not respect you enough?” Krishnapriya named her, “The Cute-girl-that-fashionably-sleeps-so-little”.

Read Yvain’s blog post on human heterogeneity. It is one of the best that I can think of. As Bryan Caplan observed, “People vary more widely than you think.  Tell yourself it’s nobody’s fault.”

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