Darlie Routier And The Aarushi Talwar Murder Case

“Costly DNA tests might prove otherwise — but even if she could afford it, the state might not allow it.”

Darlie Lynn Routier was accused of murdering two of her children in 1996. Even now, she is on the death row. The case is very similar to that of the Aarushi Talwar murder case:

From Hood County News:

“A well-funded state machine claimed Darlie Routier murdered her two little boys and slit her own throat. Costly DNA tests might prove otherwise — but even if she could afford it, the state might not allow it.”

List Verse has a good summary:

In the early morning hours of June 6, 1996, a Rowlett, Texas, woman named Darlie Routier frantically called 911. She claimed that while she was sleeping downstairs with her two sons, Damon and Devon, she awoke to find an unknown male intruder attacking her. After chasing the intruder out of the house, Darlie then discovered that she had been stabbed and that Damon and Devon had been brutally murdered. Her husband and youngest son were sleeping upstairs, and missed the attack. But the authorities did not believe Routier’s story, and they charged her with the murders four days later.

It is believed that after murdering her sons, Routier inflicted her own stab wounds upon herself and staged the crime scene. It seemed unlikely that she could have remained asleep while this so-called intruder was killing her children—and since there was no blood trail leading away from the scene, the physical evidence did not match Roulier’s story.

It was theorized that since the family was experiencing financial difficulties, Darlie killed her sons to collect on a life insurance policy. When she went to trial, she was sentenced to death via lethal injection. Like the Jeffrey MacDonald case, this remains highly controversial; supporters of Routier’s innocence have pointed to numerous errors in the investigation, and think that certain pieces of evidence support her story. But Routier still remains on death row, seventeen years later.

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