Cuteness Is Not Negotiable

Cuteness is not negotiable.
Cuteness is not negotiable.

I gather that an actress was arrested for selling sexual services to moneyed people. She was sent to a rescue home where she is entertaining the inmates with tales of her illustrious past. Her full name is Sweta Basu Prasad. Now, many people in the film industry ask: “Why is she held up for our titillation while her rich clients are still walking the streets—and perhaps has many mistresses tucked away somewhere?

She is punished for prostitution, but her rich clients are still paragons of decency in the eyes of their wives and children. Yes, the Indian society is so damn sexist!

Now, Imagine a country “Ruritania” where selling your house is a crime.  A wealthy woman decides to sell her million dollar house. The real estate broker pockets his modest share. Soon the police hears about the deal, and locks up the male broker in a prison room. The home owner is sent to a rescue home where she entertains the inmates with tales of her struggle—with detailed descriptions of how she built her fortune. But, we hear nothing about the man who bought the house. The media reports this, and soon there is an outpouring of sympathy toward her. (Oh, the tragic fall!)

Now, is it true that in Ruritania, the police and the media are unusually biased against women? She was treated tenderly by the cops, but her male broker suffered some rough handling in their arms. He was locked up in a prison room while she was sent to a rescue home. People find the perils confronting women under the pressure of poverty heartbreaking. But, they want her male broker and client to be shamed and horsewhipped out of Ruritania. Misogynist, indeed. Isn’t it possible that they too have a story to tell? What if the broker had hoped to treat his ailing mother with his modest commission? What if her client was homeless? After all, this is a country where people are not allowed to sell houses.Hypocrisy can be so inane. This is what my mind says.

But, what does my heart say? What a cutie! If I knew that she was in so much trouble, I would have promised her a large share of the proceedings from the sales of my yet-to-be-published novel. She says that this is common in the film industry. We need betting markets to pair up talented men with cute girls. Seriously. Cuteness is not negotiable.


  1. GhostOfTheClockTower

    Using your own metaphors:

    If you look up the Indian penal code, ‘selling the house’ is NOT considered a criminal offense. (Check your facts) But ‘being a broker to the sale’ is VERY CLEARLY a punishable crime. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_India

    So if the ‘broker’ is behind bars, the he legally deserves to be there. But the ‘seller’ has done nothing illegal, and thus deserves the sympathy that she is receiving.

    The logic of the argument is simple:
    She is being shamed publicly by the media, put in a remand centre and denied access to her parents, when she has done NOTHING LEGALLY WRONG. And the media do not seem to have a trace of sensitivity before barging into her private life and making it public.

    If all this can be done to her, why is the privacy of the businessmen in question being protected so perfectly?

    Think about it…

  2. Ghost, You need a lesson in reading comprehension. All the “facts” you mentioned doesn’t change my fundamental point that people are not unusually biased against women. If they were, the pimp and the prostitute would have had the same status before the law.

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