Books I Read In 2009

As of Personal reasons, I read(Or re-read) few books this year-72 in total. Mostly Non-fiction, with Individual Liberty as the central theme.

Here is the list:

Mitch Albom-Tuesdays With Morrie*
Ayn Rand-Anthem*
Russell Roberts-The Invisible Heart*
Ayn Rand-The Fountainhead*
Scott Fitzgerald-This Side Of Paradise*
Henry Hazlitt-Time will Run Back*
Chetan Bhagat-2 States*
Ludwig Von Mises-The Austrian Theory Of Trade Cycle*
Thomas Woods-Meltdown*
Robert Murphy-The Politically Incorrect Guide To The Great Depression And New deal*
Murray Rothbard-Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure*
Richard L. Stroup-Eco-Nomics*
The Journal Of Libertarian Studies VOl 21*
Anne C Heller-Ayn Rand And The World She Made*
Petro-The Kohler Strike*
W H Hutt-The Theory Of Collective Bargaining*
Petro-Labor Policy Of A Free Society*
Nassau-Three Lectures On The Rate Of Wages*
F A Harper-Why wages Rise*
Walter Block-Labor Economics From A Free Market Perspective*
Scoville-Labor Monopolies Or Freedom*
Ludwig Von Mises-Liberty And Property*
Ludwig Von Mises-A Critique Of Interventionism*
Henry Hazlitt-A Free Man’s Library*
Henry Hazlitt-Man Versus The Welfare State*
Henry Hazlitt-The Inflation Crisis*
Gene Callahan-Economics For Real People*
Henry Hazlitt-Economics In One Lesson*
Ludwig Von Mises-The Historical Settings Of The Austrian School Of Economics*
Gerard Drean-Human Action Abridged*
Marx And Engels-The Communist Manifesto*
Robert Murphy-Chaos Theory*
Ludwig Von Mises-Planning For Freedom*
Murray Rothbard-Making Economic Sense*
Walter Block-Defending The Undefendable*
Ludwig Von Mises-Economic Freedom & Interventionism*
Ludwig Von Mises-Anti-Capitalistic Mentality*
Mitch Albom-Tuesdays With Morrie*
Rose Wilder Lane-The Discovery Of Freedom*
Rose Wilder Lane-Give Me Liberty*
Ayn Rand-Anthem*
Ayn Rand-Philosophy:Who Needs It*
Frederic Bastiat-Selected Essays In Political Economy*
Frederic Bastiat-The Law*
Sennholz-Gold Is Money*
Wollstein-Society Without Coercion*
Stefan Molyneux-Practical Anarchy*
Hans-Hermann Hoppe-Production Of defense*
Hans-Hermann Hoppe-What Must be Done*
Sanjeev Sabhlok-Breaking Free Of Nehru*
Lawrence Reed-The Great Myths Of The Great Depression*
Russell Roberts-The Invisible Heart*
Stefan Molyneux-Everyday Anarchy*
Leonard Read-A Pattern For Revolt*
Mark Skousen-The Making Of Modern Economics*
Ludwig Von Mises-Memoirs*
Ludwig Von Mises-Profit And Loss*
Margit Von Mises-My Years With Ludwig Von Mises*
Peterson-Mises In America*
Sam Vaknin-Malignant Self Love*
Hayek-A Free Market Monetary System*
Morris And Linda Tannehill-The Market for Liberty*
Henry Hazlitt-From Bretton Woods To world Inflation*
Mike Sincere-Understanding Stocks*
Irwin Schiff-The Kingdom Of Moltz*
Robert G Hagstrom-The Warren Buffett Way*
Vault-Investment Banking*
Ivan Illich-Deschooling Society*
Lawrence Parks-What Does Mr. Greenspan really Think?*
Irwin Schiff-Why An Economy Grows And Why It Doesn’t*
Roderick Long-Libertarian Anarchism*
Gustave De Molinari-The Production Of Security*

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