Arguments Are A Weak Man’s Weapon?

You say ‘Arguments are a weak man’s weapon’ as if it were an argument. Have you ever asked yourself what makes an argument, what effort goes behind it? Is it brute force or is it intelligence and rationality? Is a Gun an argument? Are nuclear weapons an argument? Is a stick an argument? No. A gun isn’t. Nuclear weapons too aren’t. A stick too isn’t. But an argument is! Is that why you consider it a weak man’s weapon?
You may evade an argument by saying it is the weapon of a weak man, but what else are you going to use as your weapon? Is it public polls? Is a public poll an argument? Is the fact that a 100 million fools know for sure that 1+1=3 going to make it so? Through centuries it has been proven that the odds are high that the majority is likely to be wrong in any issue in which a minority has to fight the overwhelming majority of a population.
It is not the one who talks the loudest and the one who quotes the most facts and figures who wins an argument, but it is the one who talks rationally and consistently .It is the one who has clearly defined his values and principles irrespective of others approval who wins an argument, no matter whether others approve of his victory or not. Words aren’t deceptive. People simply refuse to take heed when your whole manners shout otherwise. People find your arguments credible only when you yourself believe in it.
No one wins an argument when he hasn’t learnt the issues and philosophies in and out. Get into an argument without defining what you want out of it, & you see your opponent obfuscating the issue. He gets you into arguments which reflect moral hypocrisy and laugh at your inconsistency. When two men develop different perspectives, at least one and at most both have to be wrong and obviously both have no idea who it is, otherwise it would have been obviated by the man conscious of his consciousness. And both lose, by default.
You may say there are no absolute principles to evade the right questions of a rational man not knowing you are uttering “There are no absolutes”, as if it were an absolute. You may say his views are logical, but not practical forgetting the fact that you are advocating the evasion of logic to be practical. You might argue his views are theoretical, but not practical forgetting the fact that everything that can be put in practice has a sound theoretical foundation.
You may want to evade the very thought of arguing with a rational man as you will be torn down to pieces. He will cut your tongue out. No, not with his lethal large knife, but with his arguments. A knife isn’t rational. His arguments are! You may keep silence, may assert that you won’t respond – no one responds when he doesn’t have a definite answer. But you can’t evade reality, you can’t evade the facts.
You fear and hate a man who is willing to face the world armed with nothing, but his mind; nothing, but his arguments. It is such a man you enjoy destroying. You laugh at him, ostracize him. You despise him. But, he doesn’t even care. He doesn’t have time to laugh at you. He despises you even more. He doesn’t want to be in a herd of contemptible fools. He maybe crushed beneath your feet, destroyed ruthlessly, but he isn’t willing to change a bit from his values and principles. No, not for a single moment. Any compromise is worse than death for him. He learns things down to the root, thinks over it, reaches conclusions no one has ever reached before. He fights for his arguments, lives for it and if necessary, dies for it. It is such men who are responsible for man’s progress. It is such men who have made the world as you see it now. They gave you the luxuries you enjoy and in most probability even your life. Is that why you despise such men? Is that why you envy them deep inside? Isn’t the mediocre minds who sell themselves short, make sure they won’t rise out of mediocrity the most impractical and pitiable of creatures. Aren’t such idiots who really deserve to be called crazy for not making use of their mind and the only life they got to deal with? Yet, you call the most creative of men crazy, impractical, utopians, theorists, visionaries – In a sense, as worse as it can get.
One might ask how a man is going to fight the masses, fight weapons with his ideas, his arguments. One might question his naiveté. Have they ever asked themselves what weapons of the highest sophistication are made of? Have they ever asked themselves what rationality leads the masses? Isn’t it too ideas, philosophies-but, the wrong kind of ideas & philosophies. Whatever you think of him and his ideas, it is the man of mind, the argumentative man and his ideas which win in the long run. Such is the power of human mind, its arguments.
Why you fear arguments? Is it that you can’t speak beautifully, can’t even take over a village half-wit or a 3 year old child that makes you hate arguments? One can’t win arguing with fools as they will keep on talking illogical and irrelevant things and when you make things as simple as possible and come to the point, they won’t know where to run and may accept failure as if they were doing you a favor.
You can’t argue with a fool. He won’t listen. He may get you into an argument exposing his stupidity, but the moment you take your rationality out of your quiver, you see him run. He doesn’t have time to argue with you. He doesn’t want to come anywhere near you or your arguments. He knows it better that he feels lousy and inferior in front of your arguments. He dreads you more than you dread him.
You may say your opponents words hurt; you may say his words are cruel and offensive. Yet, you can’t refute a single sentence of it. Such is the nature of a rational argument. You may pretend not to hear, scoff at him. You may not allow the essence of his arguments into your mind as it will prove you wrong the moment it does. You may live in a fool’s paradise accusing him of doing the same. Doing so, it won’t be his arguments or it’s validity you will be refuting, but your own mind, your own intelligence, your own conscience!

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