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  1. Your villains are just sad people, and the tales are just a sad reflection of the human condition. My sympathies are fully with you.

    What is too Ayn-Randian is rather your very *Weltenschauung* itself. Although your thoughts have evolved with years and years of experience to a bit away from being purely Randian, it is nevertheless too rooted in in that thinking for your own good. It would have been good to have you extend your frontiers; but some things seem best left to themselves and this seems like one such case.

  2. Yes. They are sad people. But, they are also bad people. People can do a lot better.

    I do not think Rand plays a huge role in my thinking. She has not influenced my thinking as much as some thinkers like Bryan Caplan did. But, Bryan Caplan was influenced by her, and a large number of interesting thinkers I have read were influenced by her. 🙂

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