An Interesting Conversation

You have no fear for me. It is a game.

She: I don’t feel fear in human interactions. I have trained myself to convert fear  into action when I sense it.

Me: Do not be fooled by what I say.  I convert fear into action too. My butterflies are unpleasant only when they inspire fear. I think you know one such person.

She:  I know whom?

Me: Your guess is as good as that of mine.

She: You have no fear for me. You conjure it up only because you enjoy it. It is a game.

Me: Why do you say that I do not fear you? Look, you are quite perceptive, unlike your friend Miss X.

She: Lol. She ain’t my friend. And I have experience on my side. 

Me: What were your experiences with me like? Is it that I did not let go the memories of my mother, aunts, and baby class teachers? I said that you are perceptive because once you said, “I inspire fear in people”. You also said, “Enjoy it while it lasts”.  I know that you know me really well. 

She: This is why you connect with the authority I represent.  You know what I think about your writing.

Me: You do not like my writing, and that is sad. Everyone else likes my writing. People have been telling me that it is pretty damn good since I was a kid.

She: Do not be afraid of the judgment of others.

Me: Do you think that I am?

She: No. You are not. You play with other people’s minds.

Me: I do not. Why do you say that?

She: Because you do. Perhaps it is not a conscious process, but you do.

Me: This is not true. Do you think that I am innocent and clever at the same time—-that I am madly, hopelessly in love with the illusion of my own innocence—–that I am a wolf in lamb’s clothing? Do you think that that I can be aware of this game, and still maintain that illusion?

She:  Now, that is what I would call perceptive. Do not mess it up with a hundred different examples.

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