Amusing Comments

Slime Ball

Some amusing comments I got in the last one decade of blogging:

“What kind of a slime ball are you? You are writing what people had told you personally. You come across as a human with no soul. Evil, malicious creature you are!”—A comment on my office rant, “A Confederacy of Dunces”.

“Why do you want to make fun of others and add to their misery?”—OnConfederacy of Dunces”.

With all your smattering academic understanding, you are nothing but a trouble maker. You troubled me. You troubled everyone. What shocks me is that you did not even spare someone who had blind trust in you. Damn You!— A mail I got after I left my first job, from an ex-colleague who was fired for back-stabbing me.

The only honest comment on my office rant was by a girl who had once interned with the magazine. She said: “It is so brilliant, so funny and so fucking true!”

A mail I got after I blogged on the imbecility of journalists: “Hello Mr. Know it all, why don’t you spend time coaching us since you are so disdainful of all of us. English is not our first language, BTW. Who asked you to read junk anyway? Go read the New York Times. It’s better.” Two minutes later, he wrote again: “I also apologize for the typos. I did not proof-read what I sent you just to show you how bad we can get at typing.

You are such a talented young man with such a bright mind. But, what a waste! I am really surprised! The problem is not what you think, but what you think it is. Take that glass off your eyes, and see people as they are. Respect diversity, and please, please, don’t judge others, ever! For one reason, YOU HAVE GOT NO BUSINESS DOING IT. Absolutely no business. Our emotions, feelings, and behavior are very complex. Don’t think that you can define them within a circle or a pentagram! Have Peace with yourself. But, are you taking medicines? —A comment on “Daddy’s girl”.

But, kid, who is that lucky lady at home? Do you lust for her? —Beneath “Daddy’s Girl”.

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