10 Reasons Why I Should Clone Myself

His blog will be beautiful.

Why should I clone myself? So many reasons:

1)He will not be a noisy, messy baby like those types you can see inside the Delhi Metro. I do not want them inside my home. When I was a child, when my mother used to keep me somewhere, I wouldn’t even move. I want my child to be like how I once was.

2) He will inherit my IQ. This is a safe bet. Even the smartest people I know often have a hard time coming to grips with the things I quickly gathered when I was young. If I marry Krishnapriya, our child’s IQ will be astronomical, but it will still be a little less than that of mine.

3) I will be impressed by his frightening conscientiousness. He will wake up at 4 O Clock in the morning, and will not drink, smoke or do drugs. He would have finished reading a book by the time his lazy college-mates wake up.

4) He will be weird. This is another way of saying that he will not be a sheep. He will not be a pathetic creature that finds it necessary to blindly conform to social norms. He will always ask: “But, is this true? Or should I believe in this simply because people around me do?”

5) He will be self-motivated. When I was a kid, I used to write down the list of words that attracted my attention, along with their meanings. No one asked me to do that. When my mother once asked me whether I ever read those notes, I looked at her with intense disapproval. Later, I would gather that H. L. Mencken too was like me.

6) He will inherit my near-photographic memory. When a friend who had a short stint with my newspaper asks me questions like: “Where does Murray Rothbard discuss the effect of savings during a depression?”, I would answer: “America’s Great Depression, Page no. 63, Last paragraph.” I do not want that to be lost.

7) He will not be trapped in a particular way of thinking. He will not have preconceived notions about what is right, and what is wrong. Preconceived notions like: “Humility is a virtue. Truth is not black-and-white. It is wrong to be judgmental. It is a bad thing to find fault in others people. Objectivity is about not taking a strong stance.”

8) He will love being raised by someone of my IQ. He will not be narrow-minded. He will not find the anti-cloning arguments even slightly plausible. I agree to what Bryan Caplan says:

“I confess that I take anti-cloning arguments personally.  They insult a son I hope I live to meet.  Yes, I wish to clone myself and raise the baby as my son.  Seriously.  I want to experience the sublime bond I’m sure we’d share.  I’m confident that he’d be delighted, too, because I would love to be raised by me.  I’m not pushing others to clone themselves.  I’m not asking anyone else to pay for my dream.  I just want government to leave me and the cloning business alone.  Is that too much to ask?”

9) He will understand the concept of morality.

10) His blog will be beautiful.

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